Monday, December 03, 2012

Review- Dysfunctional Romance! by Derrick Hudson

Goodreads Summary:

Barry Shaws’s whirlwind journey through life was shaped by the growing demands of a multitude of disorders, which meant he tended to clean things repeatedly and aggressively, before they had the chance to murder him!

Barry thrived on routine. If it hadn’t happened before, it was unlikely to happen ever…until he collided into her that is. On that fateful day, as he walked to work, stepping from the centre of one pavement stone to the next, he crashed into Sandra Wiggins, who had also been discreetly avoiding the dreaded cracks. It was lust at first sight. Love would have to wait. Apart, they were just weird, but together, they were pure mental!

This is the bittersweet, often hillarious story of two human lovebirds, destined to spend their calamitous lives together…until something extraordinary occurs that threatens to decimate what remains of their limited sanity. Welcome to the New World Order, created when Barry met his Miss. Match!


You know you've read an absolutely great book when just the thought it makes you smile long after you've read it! It was while writing this review that I realised how much I loved Barry and Sandra's story, how unforgettable it is and that Dysfunctional Romance! deserves 4.5 contrary to the initial 4 stars I'd given it on Goodreads!  

I've been transfixed by all things Irish since a long time now. Besides being a lovely country, from what I've read and heard, Irish people are very pleasant, warm and fun loving. So the moment I saw Derick Hudson's Dysfunctional Romance! and realised that it was about a young Irish couple, I knew I had to read it, no matter what. When Derick Hudson announced the date on which the book would be free on Amazon, I marked it on my calendar and began reading it immediately after downloading my copy. And boy! I am absolutely happy I read Dysfunctional Romance! 
The story of Barry Shaw and Sandra Wiggins, Dysfunctional Romance! gives love stories a whole new, fresh, clean, hilarious, practical and a completely blows-my-mind-away-it's-THAT-abso-freaking-lutely lovely twist. Every bit of this book was fun, fun and more fun. 
Both Barry and Sandra have their own complexities, complications and a set of anxiety disorders. They are, in the most odd and twisted way, perfect for each other. I loved reading about their relationship from the time they accidentally bumped into each other on the sidewalk to the time when Sandra gave birth to their precious little twins. The banter between the two was brisk. The way they did what they did and the way in which they did it was uproarious and humorous. Reading about Barry and Sandra's families and workplace was exhilarating. 
There are some scenes from this novel that I know are going to remain with me forever, the most memorable being the one where, on their first date, Sandra sneezes and her lens falls in her wine glass! And how can I forget the one in which Sandra, a citizen of Ireland, almost calls 911 when Barry experiences a mini heart attack! 
From the prologue to the epilogue, from chapter 1 to chapter 77, from location 1 to location 5709 or from 1% to 100% (on Kindle), Dysfunctional Romance! is a full-on fun-filled roller coaster ride. My bed literally shook with my laughter while reading this one. Author 
Derick Hudson has written a refreshing, bright, light-hearted and totally hilarious novel that keeps you smiling from start to end. Without a doubt, this is one of the funniest- no, hell no, this is THE most funniest book I've ever read. 


X 4.5



  1. Wow, Sarika!Your review makes me want to rush out and buy my own book! What a lovey review. This is now officially my favourite review...ever! You're a star!
    Derick :-)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment, Derick! I can't stop smiling! :)

  2. I love a book that stays with me and keeps me smiling! Thanks for the great review and recommendation. This is my first look at this book and your review was enough to get me to leave here and head over to GR to throw another on the TBR.

    1. I'm so glad to hear that my review has got you interested in the book! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you get to read Dysfunctional Romance! soon. Happy reading! :)


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