Saturday, December 15, 2012

Things That Remind Me Of...

Abbi GlinesThe Vincent Boys is a series of two books, The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys #1) and The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys #2). Extremely adorable and light-hearted contemporary romances, the books are the stories of brothers, Beau and Sawyer Vincent. 
The Vincent Brothers
The Vincent Boys on Goodreads         The Vincent Brothers on Goodreads

These are the new and absolutely gorgeous covers for both the books! 

The Vincent Boys is the story of Beau and Ashton. Though a love triangle, these books really make you feel all happy and what better than togetherness of two people who truly love each other! 
Here is how I picture Beau and Ashton: 


The Vincent Brothers  is the story of Beau's and Ashton's cousins, Sawyer and Lana. They make an adorable couple and balance each other out perfectly! 
Here is how I picture Sawyer and Lana:


I must admit that all these pictures are what Google gives you when you Google the series. I was amazed to see how all these guys exactly match the guys I imagined for Beau, Ashton, Sawyer and Lana. Don't they form a super lovely picture?! 

Abbi Glines really has a way of bringing a smile to the face of readers with her super sweet, cheesy yet enjoyable stories! 

Who is your favourite Vincent boy/brother?! ;) 



  1. I've heard soooo many things about The Vincent Boys and just by looking at those gorgeous boys makes me want to jump in and read the books! I really love Francisco and Alex Pettyfer (which reminds me of Jace Wayland btw)

    I hope I can read the books soon! and I really like the new cover!

    We Fancy Books

    1. Hahaha! The boys sure have an effect on you! I really hope you get to read the books soon, they are lovely! Thanks for stopping by, Jay! :)


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