Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Review- Boy, Girl, Wise One by Anthony Coleman  Summary: 

We live in a society that has accepted and adjusted to negativity to the point where ignorance is approved. Corruption has took over and truth has been forgotten. Engage in the wisdom of the Wise one who gives clarification to the daily problems that our youth are facing and the guidance of how to solve them.


*NOTE: We (The Readdicts) received a copy of  Boy, Girl, Wise One from author Anthony Coleman in exchange for an honest review. We thank Anthony for the book! 

Anthony Coleman's Boy, Girl, Wise One is a book in the form of dialogues or conversation, where questions are posed to the Wise One by the boy and girl. These are questions that concern the youth, the answers of which leave the boy and girl with a new perspective and a capacity for intellectual contemplation. 
Everyday, we see, observe and experience things that we find problematic. We are faced with situations that make us want to question ourselves and human behaviour in general. The boy and girl in the book are just like any ordinary youth. They have tons of questions and having experienced the ups and downs of a teenage life, their questions are genuine. I thought that at times the questions were too wise and heavy to be posed by the youth. The Wise One gave very simple and believable answers with relatable examples. Yes, there were times when I agreed with something and times when I didn't. Overall, however, I liked how practical the answers were, how importance was given to loving yourself before anyone else and the whole notion of not being able to give something that you yourself don't have. 
I do not read self-help books, and I don't know if Boy, Girl, Wise One falls under the genre, but it was an average read with a couple of great things to take back. I honestly would not have picked it up by myself. It is safe to say that this book could be made a necessary read for school students, who will find the book informative and practical, the questions easy to relate to and something that bothers them as well and the Wise One as someone they could admire and possibly look up to. 


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  1. I also don't like self-help books but yeah sometimes they're needed. This one is new for me and sounds interesting :) I'm glad that you liked the answers :) Great review :)

    1. Yes, they are needed, but they aren't for me either! ;) Thanks for stopping by, Tanja!


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