Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review- Dizzy by Nyrae Dawn and Jolene Perry


Dylan doesn’t do relationships. He and his older brother watched their dad go through hell and back, so they made a pact years ago—no girl would come between the Gibson boys. But his brother sells out. He's getting married anyway. To the sister of a chick Dylan met at a party, who's probably the angriest girl he's ever met. Unfortunately, she happens to be hot, too.

Ziah’s life is upside down—her safe boyfriend turns out to be not-so-safe, and now her sister is getting married before college is over to the older brother of a spoiled, party boy who drives her crazy. And also makes her heart beat too fast.

There’s no denying the attraction, but there's also no denying how much they irritate each other. When they’re thrown together as forced wedding planners, they find an ally in each other--neither wants this wedding to happen.

But instead of putting a stop to the crazy nuptials they find themselves at fittings and cake testing. And maybe even…a few dates?
Dizzy is a novel about what happens when two people who are determined not to fall in love, maybe do anyway. Maybe.


Dizzy was a very fun and cute Young Adult book which definitely got a smile to my face. It had just the right amount of angst and drama to make it believable without making me frustrated with any of the characters or any situation whatsoever in the book.

Dizzy starts off with Dylan and Ziah meeting at a party. They are both attracted to each other and can feel the connection but each have their own set of circumstances which makes them reluctant to do anything about it. Dylan think Ziah is the angriest girl he's ever met and Ziah thinks Dylan is a spoiled, rich, party boy who just drives her crazy.

Both of them are unprepared when they find out that their older siblings have fallen in love with each other and are getting married. Here Dylan and Ziah are forced to help in the wedding planning which brings them together so many times. So as they begin to really get to know each other they can't help the sparks that fly off whenever they are in each other's company.

I loved Dylan and Ziah's banter.It was cute and fun and natural all at the same time. You can see how Ziah is hesitant to put herself out there after her boyfriend's betrayal and you can see how Dylan has yet to get over his mother's abandonment. They are complete opposites on the outside but inside they are exactly the same just looking for somebody to love them for who they are.

I loved Nyrae Dawn's writing from before but I'd read Jolene Perry for the first time and she was just as good. Dylan's pov is written by Nyrae and Ziah's pov is written by Jolene. This was a light read with a sweet romance and a great set of characters. If you're looking for a nice contemporary young adult read Dizzy is definitely the book for you.

 X 4


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  2. aww this seems like SUCH a cute book!! And how hilarious is that their older siblings are getting married?!! Im glad that you enjoyed this book, and i also love the cover! Great review!
    - Farah @ MajiBookshelf

  3. This sounds like a great read. I love a book that can put a smile on my face. Thanks for the great review and for giving me my first look.


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