Friday, June 14, 2013

Feature & Follow #43

Feature and Follow is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read.

Today's question is:

Q: Activity: Spine Poetry. Create a line of poetry with your book spines (take a picture). Not feeling creative? Tell us about your favorite poem.

My answer:

My creativity kinda sucks so I took Sarika's help for this one. She, uh, almost completely did it. This is our first time doing it so hope we got it right. :)

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Happy Friday everybody! :)


  1. ...*cries*
    Why is everyone so talented.
    Why am I the useless potato in the corner whose poem makes no sense whatsoever.
    *sobs in the corner*
    That was beautiful.

    Jeanne @ Everyone Deserves Books

  2. Lovely poem! Happy friday to you too:)

    Old follower.

    My FF:

  3. It's depressing going through everyone's spine poetry. I kind of suck at it. Not exactly sure mine made any sense. Hahaha! New follower via Bloglovin and GFC!

    Feature and Follow

  4. YAY this is so cool. I love how your first two books are Gayle Forman. Haha! Nice one :))

  5. YAY, I love your poem! This FF has been so awesome, I am amazed at the creativity I've seen today :)

    Here's my FF post for this week.

    Happy reading.

  6. Awwh thats soo pretty!!

  7. Cool! Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend :)


  8. Great work! Looks like you did it right to me ;) Thanks for stopping by my F&F! Following via Bloglovin!

  9. Aww... very cute!

    New follower here via GFC and Bloglovin :)


  10. Oh follower via Bloglovin, but old follower via GFC LOL!

  11. So lovely! :)
    Old follower. Have a magical weekend!
    Here's my FF: Maria@Maria's Bookshelf

  12. That was EXPLOSIVE spine poetry- loved it :D

  13. Nicely done!! I didn't think to pick books and make a poem. I simply took a pic of one of my many TBR stacks. So it came out kinda weird! Loved Twisted, so want the final book in that series from the moment I finished that one!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  14. Lovely! I wish I had more books to be creative with. I just add a new poem to My FF you should check it out :)

    Thanks for stopping by and i'm a new GFC follower

  15. Very nice! I seriously love this activity!:) Old follower
    K @ My Favorite Escape

  16. Awesome poem (Rules of Attraction is such a great book btw!).

    I'm already following you on Bloglovin', but I didn't seem to be on GFC for some reason :S Am now though!

    Here's my FF

    - Allie x

  17. Such a great poem! I'm loving this week's FF! This is the only time that I've made an effort to go and visit ALL of the participants' blogs because I'm so loving reading everyone's poems!!

    You can find my poem here.

  18. Hi I'm new to blogging and following thru from Parajunkie's follow friday.
    You can follow me back at "SnowRavyn's Reviews"

  19. great poem!!! thanks for stopping by, I've returned the Bloglovin follow!

  20. Thanks for visiting us over at The Demon Librarian.

    I'm following you back:)

  21. Great poem. I'm a new follower@
    my FF

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