Sunday, June 09, 2013

Just Read Read-a-thon: Link- Up & Sign- Up Post

Hey, all! 
Just like you, we too have a never ending TBR pile. 
And just like you, we are dying to read many, many books! 

So, Janhvi and I, along with our blogging buddies Ankita @ Booklok Coffee and Krazzy Me or KM @ Young Reader, have come up with the idea of starting a Read-a-thon which is called as the JUST READ READ-A-THON or JRREADATHON in short. 

The Read-a-thon will begin on June 10 and last for a week until June 17.
The mail goal is... READ READ READ! 

Read as many books as you can and try to take control of your TBR! 

Anyone can take part. You are all welcome to join us! 

Bloggers, make sure you sign up using the Linky below (at the end of the post).
For the others, just leave us a comment letting us know you'll be joining us.
Also, make sure you join in the updates and fun on Twitter by following-
@ankita0112@kadburytweets, @justjanhvi and @SarikaP8 and using the hashtag #JRREADATHON.
Grab the button below as well!

Thank you to our fellow bloggers Ankita and KM for this great idea and welcome to all our new participants!
Thank you for stopping by and happy reading! 


  1. I wish I could join you girls but next week will be a bit hellish as I have to prepare for my exams. I hope that I'll get to join you another time. Good luck girls! :)

    1. Aw, all the very best to you, Tanja! Would have loved to have you on board. :)

  2. Hey S and J,
    We already have it rolling.. Happy reading... hope you read a lot!! I am tracking you guys @ #JRreadathon, see ya there.


    1. Yes, A! We're tracking you too and you're doing a good job! All the best! :)

  3. Nice! I really wish I could've participated in this. Actually, I've never participated in any read-a-thon before! Too many things get in my way and come up in my schedule, which always makes it difficult. One day, I would definitely like to though. It would be the best! Hope you guys are having a good time and making progress in your read-a-thon so far!!

    1. Oh, we are reading like crazy, Aylee which is what we need to do looking at our TBR pile. ;) We would have loved to have you one board, bu oh well... Next time maybe! You take care.

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