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Review- Existence by Abbi Glines


What happens when you're stalked by Death? You fall in love with him, of course.

Pagan Moore doesn't cheat Death, but instead, falls in love with him.

Seventeen year old Pagan Moore has seen souls her entire life. Once she realized the strangers she often saw walking through walls were not visible to anyone else, she started ignoring them. If she didn't let them know she could see them, then they left her alone. Until she stepped out of her car the first day of school and saw an incredibly sexy guy lounging on a picnic table, watching her with an amused smirk on his face. Problem is, she knows he's dead.

Not only does he not go away when she ignores him, but he does something none of the others have ever done. He speaks. Pagan is fascinated by the soul. What she doesn't realize is that her appointed time to die is drawing near and the wickedly beautiful soul she is falling in love with is not a soul at all.

He is Death and he's about to break all the rules.


I picked up Existence by Abbi Glines because it was free on Amazon. I am an Abbi Glines fan. But I was hesitant to read a paranormal from her after her brilliant new adult series. Sadly my doubts came true. I didn't enjoy Existence as much as I wanted to. It was an okay read.

Pagan Moore has been seeing souls her entire life. They always seem to find her and she can't do anything about it so she ignores them. That is, until a soul starts speaking to her. She can't help being fascinated by him. What she doesn't realize is that he isn't a soul but death himself who's come for her appointed time.

I liked Pagan. She was fine. Her situation with the souls was different for a while but then I just lost interest. There wasn't much keeping me occupied in the book. I didn't like it when Pagan was judge mental of Leif before knowing a thing about him. She strings Leif all along when the poor guy says he loves her even though she's falling for Dank.

It was kind of cheating which I hated. Pagan was very indecisive which made her seem a little immature. I liked the aspect of the whole forbidden romance between Pagan and Dank. They had chemistry but there was no real reason behind them loving each other. I liked Pagan's friends. They just wanted the best for her and they were very true.

The ending of Existence was a cliff hanger which I did not expect. It was frankly unnecessary. The romance did not hold the same charm for me as the other Abbi Glines book do. It was an okay book but if you're new to Abbi Glines I would definitely recommend skipping this series and starting on one of her new adult ones.


  1. Abbi Glines..I'll seriously be the last person to read her books. I have seen this one but it's mostly because of Pepe on the cover. Unnecessary cliffhanger sounds really bad. Great review Janhvi :)

  2. Totally agree. I love her NA series and Existence seriously disappointed me... Nice review!

  3. Great review Janhvi! I'm sorry you didn't like this book that much :) I agree with you that Abbi writes excellent NA books. I bought this series, but haven't read it yet. We tends to have the same taste, so if you didn't care for it, I probably won't either.

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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