Sunday, June 09, 2013

Review- Secrets and Saris by Shoma Narayanan


A secret that could cause scandal!Jilted at the altar, Shefali Khanna should be humiliated. Instead she takes the opportunity to start again. Top of the priority list: do not tumble headfirst into another relationship!

But even moving from the city to the country can't keep Shefali out of trouble—especially when she catches the eye of local celeb Neil Mitra! There is no way she can risk a scandal already! He might be gorgeous, but he's totally off-limits…right?

Extra bonus: included is The Wedding Dress Diaries by Aimee Carson, the prequel to our fab new quartet!


I haven't read many Harlequin Kiss books, just one in fact and I really enjoyed it so I thought I would give Secrets & Saris a try as well. This is not the first book of author Shoma Narayanan I'd read as well. I had enjoyed Monsoon Wedding Fever so I had some good expectations from Secrets and Saris. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

In spite of the cute cover and fresh look the story line was just way too flaky for me to like it. Shefali Khanna has been jilted at the altar. After facing the humiliation from her friends and family she decides to move to a small town to start things over and sort things out. On her flight there she meets Neil, whom she dismisses as just another hot guy whom she has no use for now.

I just couldn't warm up to Shefali. I get that she was going through a horrible time but she was outright rude to Neil in the beginning. It did change after wards but then her indecisiveness irritated me. She came off as flighty and she herself didn't know what she wanted. The same could be said for Neil. The whole time they're together supposedly having their fling, they both keep changing their minds way too fast for me.

Neil didn't have any special qualities as such. At least none that I could see. He has a daughter who was very sweet. But I hated his whole take on marriage and having more children with Shefali after they got married. It was unfair. I don't think Shefali completely accepted his daughter as her own till the end though she had a good relationship with her. The worst part was that even after the book got over the issues weren't really sorted.

The book was extremely short with the bonus prequel novella taking up 40% of the book. The Wedding Dress Diaries was a cute novella, but again, it was way too short to actually find any satisfaction in it. Still, Shoma Narayanan is a good author so I'd recommend trying her Monsoon Wedding Fever instead of Secrets & Saris. This was an okay read for me.


  1. I have seen this Kiss books but I avoid them most of the time. It's everything that I don't like to read meaning just romance I need some other elements. That's why I prefer YA than adult reads. I'd probably end up more disappointed than you here.

  2. Kiss was really good initially but lately I've been reading okay reads from them, so I stopped requesting. I don't think I would have like either Shefali or Neil, they both sounds so indecisive. Sorry it didn't work out for you. Thanks for the review, Janhvi!

  3. Excellent review Janhvi! I enjoy your honesty! Too bad this book was such a disappointment! It mainly sounds like the story was underdeveloped. Sorry friend.

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

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