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Guest Post- Top Ten Bookish Fictional Characters by India Book Store

Hello, everyone! Today, we have with us some really cool people from India Book Store who have given us a list of top ten favourite bookish fictional characters as part of a fun and unique Guest Post. The list sure is fantastic. Let's get on to it directly with a little about IBS. 


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I now hand over the post to the wonderful peeps at IBS. 

Any book lover would agree that if two book loving strangers met, they wouldn’t stay strangers for long; there would always be a handy topic to break the ice– What Have You Been Reading? As Anne of Green Gables would probably put it, meeting another book-lover is like meeting a ‘kindred soul’. The same can be said to be true even of fictional characters one meets, whether in books or movies. When you come across a fictional character who loves to read,  you can easily relate to him or her. Growing up with Hermione Granger and Belle, I learnt that it is cool to be bookish, never mind the negativity associated with the term in certain (less evolved, dare I say?) minds! Here are a few unforgettable characters that embrace their love for books: 

Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons

Born to Homer and Marge Simpson, Lisa is the middle child in this dysfunctional American family and its most intellectual member. She finds herself a misfit, due to her superior intelligence, but nevertheless loves her family members. She loves to read all kind of books ranging from Astronomy to Medicine, from Economics to Philosophy! She is a self-righteous person who stands up against evil and is known for her courage.


Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Belle is the fifth in line of the Disney Princess series and is a well-known bookworm. Yet she is no damsel in distress. Though young and beautiful, it is her independence and self-reliance, more than her beauty, that define her. She makes the perfect role model for girls of all ages. Her love for books is profound, with her reading books throughout the day, no matter where she is - the market or the road!


Hermoine Granger from The Harry Potter series

The first impression one gets of Hermione Granger is that of a big ‘Know-it-all’. But once you read the first few chapters, you realize that you were wrong and she is just a very intelligent girl trying to fit into the world of Magic by devouring all available knowledge on Magic through books. Be it the Library or the Great Hall or the spot on the shore of the lake where the trio hang out, it is impossible to see Hermione without a book in her hand!


Matilda Wormwood from Matilda

Though Roald Dahl is a well-known author, this character of his doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Matilda Wormwood is a gifted four-year-old girl who loves to read books. Her parents do not recognize her great intelligence and she is often snubbed by her negligent, dimwitted parents who consider their daughter's incredible literacy skills and knowledge as worthless. She discovers she has psychokinetic powers which she uses to her advantage to help out her friends.


Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo

Every ‘80s kid would remember this pleated-skirt-wearing bespectacled character, comfortable in her Mary Janes, who kept losing her glasses thanks to the chaos that ensued in each episode of the Scooby Doo series.  Velma Dinkley is the smart one in the group who usually figures out the mystery in every episode. Her sister Madelyn describes Velma as being “born with a mystery book in her hand"!


Tyrion Lannister from The Game of Thrones

Finally… a male on this list! A shrewd and educated man, Tyrion Lannister from The Game of Thrones is often seen in company of his books and states “My mind is my weapon. My brother has his sword, King Robert has his war hammer and I have my mind... and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge. That’s why I read so much”. Often belittled by others due to his size (he’s a dwarf), he scores over his enemies by using his wit and knowledge that makes others wary of him. What he lacks in size and strength, he makes up for it with his sharp acumen and wisdom.


Josephine "Jo" March from Little Women

One of the earliest feminists in English literature, Jo March from Little Women is the second eldest of the four daughters of the March family. She is a geeky tomboy with a strong willed personality who loves reading literature and is often said to be ‘un-ladylike’ for being outspoken and opinionated. She stands out from her sisters because of her character and that’s what makes her everybody’s favorite little woman. No wonder she’s the one the author chose to centre the sequel around.


Probably the world’s most well-known detective, Sherlock Holmes was a man of great intellect and he read a variety of books, mostly related to science. Holmes believes that all kind of knowledge is beneficial to the detective and he describes himself as "an omnivorous reader with a strangely retentive memory for trifles."


Liesel Meminger from The Book Thief

Liesel, from The Book Thief, is a kind hearted girl who loves to read books so much that she starts to steal them even before she learns to read. She understands the power of books and has an insatiable thirst for them. They are her source of comfort during the period of war while she sits in the basement waiting for the air raids to be over.


Scout Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird

 The little voice of innocence in To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout Finch is an inquisitive child and she loves to ask questions. She is highly talented and is a tomboy who is often asked to be more ‘lady-like’. About reading, she says "Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing." 
 There are so many more such characters that can be listed down, but the above mentioned are the favorites for many of us. They go through a life very similar to that of their readers, and they show us that reading books is not just a hobby, not just a passion in your life; it IS life.
      - written by Vanathi Parthasarathi

I hope you enjoyed reading this post just as much as I enjoyed putting it up for you. 
I'd like to thank India Book Store for stopping by our blog today and I sure hope they continue to do so on the future as well. 
Thank you and happy reading! 


  1. Love all your picks, but Scout Finch and Tyrion Lannister are my favorites, for totally different reasons however.

    1. Ah, good to know that. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a fun post! I loved reading it :) I've always loved Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and my daughter's name was inspired by that fairytale. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Aw, that's so sweet to know. Thanks for stopping by, Lindy. i'm glad you like the post.

  3. I loved this post !! Jo and Hermonie being my personal favourite


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