Sunday, November 24, 2013

Review- Horseshoe Garage by Hitesha


Though he has gotten used to his salary and his job at Grant Motors, Sarvesh still finds himself waking up in the middle of the night, his heart pounding with the excitement of a Neo-Racing dream. The technologically advanced cars and the smell of the burnt rubber of the tyres haunt him all the time. When Neo-racing creates space for a team from India, Sarvesh is determined to be a part of it. Tagging along as a non-description member of another giant team is not going to suffice. Along with his best friend Rags, he is determined to lead his own team on to Neo-racing race circuits. Naaz is an orphan who has been raised in a garage and has never studied beyond the fourth grade. She has taught herself all that she knows about cars by working alongside sweaty mechanics. This knowledge allows her to deduce in three seconds that the car design created by Sarvesh and Rags will not qualify for New-Racing. Friendship is tested, loyalties are questioned and spirits are broken in this challenging race to achieve an impossible dream.


You know the time when you start a book with absolutely no expectations and then you end up liking it so much that it blows your mind away? That's exactly what happened with me for Horseshoe Garage. It was an amazing and unique read with a new concept. I really enjoyed it with its quirky characters.

Horseshoe Garage is the story of Sav. He has always dreamed of making a car for Neo racing. He's always loved the smell of burnt tyre and technologically advanced cars. So when Neo racing comes to India, Sav signs up for it with a team. I really liked Sav. He had nothing extra ordinary about him except for his passion for cars. It made him a totally relatable character.

Then there is Naaz. She is a mechanic and basically a genius where is comes to any kinds of cars. When Sav and his best friend Rags, decide to form a team for Neo racing they stumble across Naaz and she becomes the most important member in the team. I loved Naaz. Her knowledge of cars was unparalleled. When Sav meets Naaz he is completely smitten by her. Her talk of cars gets him hot. I loved loved loved how their story went.

Sav and Rags form a team consisting of various members from any place they can find. Rags also has a girlfriend called Kam. Rags and Kam somehow reminded me of America and Shepley from Beautiful Disaster. They were the lovey dovey couple with loads of PDA going on. Horseshoe Garage is not only about the romance though. There is a ton about neo racing and cars.

The author knows her cars well and even though I'm not a big car fanatic, she got me interested in all its dynamics. You can actually feel the thrill of racing in Horseshoe Garage. It was exhilarating. Horseshoe Garage has an excellent, unique plot, a bunch of fun characters, romance, betrayal, friendship and everything else you could ask for.I flew through the pages. I thoroughly enjoyed Horseshoe Garage.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Leadstart Publishing in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.


  1. I loved America and Shep from Beautiful Disaster! This story sounds really good! I find cars and racing very interesting! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Great Review Janhvi!

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