Friday, November 15, 2013

Winners: The Homing Pigeons... by Sid Bahri

So, another giveaway has come to an end and it's time to announce winners! 
The four lucky people who have won The Readdicts Diwali Giveaway (IN & INT) in which copies of the beautiful novel, The Homing Pigeons... by author Sid Bahri were up for grabs are... 

Prerna and Anubha have won physical copies and I've lost track of the number of times these ladies have won on our blog. Ask them for some tips and tricks so you can win next time. 

Morena and Shelly Tanja have each won a Kindle copy of the book. 

Congratulations to all winners! 

As always, we'd like to thank all the participants and wish you much better luck next time. 
Thank you also to Sid for helping us spread the word about the giveaway and for being his usual generous self. 

See you at other giveaways. Later, people! 


  1. YAY!! This is amazing. You bring me luck every time ;) Thanks girls and thanks to the author :)


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