Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review- Red Turban, White Horse by Nandini Bajpai


Can a teenager plan a Big Fat Indian Wedding—in America?

It’s been seven years since mom died— and dad’s raised Mini to know more about computers, calculus, and cars than desi weddings—but ever since Mini saw the jewelry mom left them she’s wanted her sister to have the wedding mom would have planned.

Dad’s tech start-up means a shoestring budget, but Mini has her old Mini Cooper, her new driver’s license, her stellar sense of style, and two months of summer vacation to get it done. And she’s not letting the persistent, mysterious, and smoking hot Vir distract her, either. Flower garlands, decorations, catering, clothes, even a white wedding horse—everything is in place.

But a monster hurricane is headed for Boston and it could blow the whole band, baja, and baraat away...


Red Turban White Horse by Nandini Bajpai turned out to be a really cute read. It has a nice story with loads of characters and a protagonist who is trying to juggle everything and everyone. Every once in a while I enjoy reading clean and sweet young adult books and Red Turban White Horse was just that.

Mini is our heroine. She lives with her Dad who has just started his tech company. Mini's mother passed away seven years ago and after that the role to take care of her father has somehow fallen upon Mini. When Mini's sister Vinnie decides to get married Mini is the one who has to handle all the preparations because Vinnie is doing her residency and their mother would have wanted a big fat Indian wedding for Vinnie.

I really liked Mini. She was a sweet girl. She wanted what was best for her sister Vinnie. Even though she has everyone's support she wants to do things on her own. She just wants Vinnie's wedding to be the best day of her life. What Mini doesn't count on though is the disaster waiting to ruin all her plans.

Then we also have Vir. Vir is the love interest who seems to always pop up when Mini needs him. I found Vir to be really cute. Vir does seem to be smitten by Mini but he's got his own secrets. The main focus is not on the love story at all but I still enjoyed all the interactions between Vir and Mini. They were sweet together.

Red Turban White Horse may not have the most original of plots but the way the author has written the story makes up for it. There is a wide variety of characters and situations but in the end its just about being with your loved ones. Red Turban White Horse made for a really cute read and I would recommend it to anyone who loves chick lit.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author is exchange for an honest review. We thank them.


  1. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, Janhvi! Glad you liked it!
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