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Review- Until the End of Time by Danielle Steel


Bill, a dedicated young lawyer working at his family’s prestigious New York firm, leaves everything he trained for to follow his dream and become a minister in rural Wyoming. Jenny, his wife, is a stylist whose heart and soul are invested in fashion. She leaves the milieu and life she loves to join him. The certainty they share is that their destinies are linked forever. 

Fast forward thirty-eight years. Robert is a hardworking independent book publisher in Manhattan who has given up all personal life to build his struggling business. He is looking for one big hit novel to publish. Lillibet is a young Amish woman, living as though in the seventeenth century, caring for her widowed father and three young brothers on their family farm. In secret at night, by candlelight, she has written the novel that burns within her, and gets it into Robert’s hands, wrapped in her hand-stitched apron. He falls in love first with the book, and then with the woman he has never met, living in the sequestered world of the Amish—a world without telephones, computers, electricity, modern conveniences, or cars. Although Lillibet faces banishment from her family and community, she embraces the opportunity to publish her novel, and is irresistibly drawn to the man who has heard her voice. Destiny is at work here. Fate draws her from her horse-and-buggy life toward his, and the publication of her novel.


Okay, this is my second Danielle Steel book and I am still not getting the hype behind them. Maybe I'm missing something here or maybe her older books were much better but the only way I can describe Until the End of Time is average. Her books are wholly unrealistic for me.

The book starts off in 1975, where Bill is a young lawyer who works in his family's law firm. When he meets Jenny he instantly falls in love with her. What follows is Bill and Jenny getting married despite his family's objections. Here Bill discovers how unsatisfied he is and leaves his job to become a pastor.

I liked Bill and Jenny. They were true opposites and their love for each other was also true. They have to go through their share of difficulties and Jenny sacrifices her flourishing career to move with Bill to become a pastor's wife. What I found highly unrealistic though is how easily Bill and Jenny start fixing things in the small town. Its like they are super perfect just waving their magic wand around.

Then we move to several years later where Lillibet is a young Amish woman who works hard for her father and younger brothers. She has a passion for reading and writing and she writes a book to be sent to a publisher. The publisher being none other that Robert who stumbles upon her manuscript and instantly falls in love with it and then her. I hope you guys can see the pattern here.

I am not opposed to the idea of fate but anything and everything has a limit. There were just too many variables which didn't fit. I found the Amish thing fascinating but in the end after shunning Lillibet the way her father easily forgives her was unrealistic. It was TOO perfect with TOO perfect characters. Not my cup of tea. This was an okay read.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Random House India in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.


  1. Danielle Steel is one of those author that if you don't like one book you'll hardly like others, and if you do like the first one you read you'll eventually get tired of them. I mean all her stories start to sound the same at the end. I haven't read this one in particular but I'm so sorry you're not enjoying her stories. Great review, Janhvi :)

  2. I read a Danielle Steel book years ago and I remember thinking it was just okay and I've tried several others since then but I just can't get into her writing. I'm sorry you're not enjoy her books more.
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  3. For some reason I only got to page 348. I guess that I will not find out what happened after the coma. I don't believe it fate.


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