Friday, May 08, 2015

Review- Truly, Madly Manhattan by Nora Roberts


Local Hero
Who was that masked man...? When Mitch Dempsey appeared in Hester Wallace's doorway bearing gifts, she knew she should beware. She'd just moved and didn't need trouble in the form of an all-too-attractive downstairs neighbor. Her nine-year old son had no such qualms. When he discovered Mitch was the creator of his favorite comic book here, he was sold.

Though Mitch was no Superman, Hester made him feel he could leap tall buildings in a single bound. But could he convince her she needed a hero to call her own?

Dual Image

On-camera conflict leads to behind-the-scenes love in this story of reluctant desire from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts. 

Working with screenwriter Booth DeWitt is the chance of a lifetime for actor Ariel Kirkwood, but she’s landed the role of his conniving ex-wife in his semiautobiographical film. Doing her job well means turning him off, unless Ariel can convince the intense Booth to see her for the woman she is when the cameras stop rolling. 


Truly, Madly Manhattan is a combo of two of Nora Roberts classic novels called Local Hero and Dual Image. I didn't know that but I liked the summaries for the both of them and it seemed like a good deal so that is the reason I picked up Truly, Madly Manhattan.

Local Hero is the story of Hester and her son who move into a new place. While Hester is trying to find the balance between her work and son she doesn't expect her neighbor Mitch to pop in or the things she feels for him. I liked Hester and her hesitance where Mitch was concerned was easy to see. Mitch on the other hand was the goofy and nerdy hero who was the creator of the comics Hester's son loved.

I liked Mitch's profession and how he may seem laid back but had a lot of depth to him. Mitch and Hester's romance was slow but sure. I also enjoyed all the conversations Mitch and Hester and her son shared. They made a good team. I liked Local Hero.

Then we have Dual Image. I have to admit I enjoyed Dual Image more than I did Local Hero. The reason being there was so much more happening in Dual Image. Ariel is a tv actress who lands a major part in a movie. The movie has the screenwriter Booth who is our hero and who has written a semiautobiographical film where Ariel plays the cold ex-wife.

Ariel was a free spirit, full of love and laughter. There was more going on in her life than she led on for people to belive. I loved her positivity. Booth on the other hand was cynical and silent, always doubting things. I loved the opposites attract plot here and how Booth finally got over his issues. All the filming scenes were extremely fun to read paired with the romance. I enjoyed Dual Image.


  1. Would add this in my to read list.. Thanks for the review

  2. oh my Duel Image sounds wonderful...i love those heroines who are "free spirit" they just add zest and a bit of freshness to a story you don't always see in others. Glad you enjoyed.

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