Friday, April 29, 2016

My Dream Store X Harry Potter Fan Fest (India) Haul!

Hi, everyone! It's been a long time since I posted something different on the blog; and this seems to be the perfect time to step out of books but still be within books, as I have something very exciting and interesting to share.

Sometime last month, My Dream Store (MDS), a popular site where you get various accessories and clothing of popular books, movies and TV serial references, came up with this brilliant idea of Harry Potter Fan Fest (HPFF). Now in general, it is difficult for Indians to lay their hands on high quality merchandise of something they love. So this was the perfect opportunity for the many Potterheads in the country to splurge on exquisite pieces. I, for one, was very excited for this and I wasn't disappointed by the rather great collection and efficient delivery of my purchases.

A few days ago, I posted a photo on my Instagram with all the items I bought during the fest, with the promise of a detailed post, as well. In this post, I am going to talk about the items I purchased, a short review of them and just my entire experience shopping with My Dream Store.

Now before buying items from the Harry Potter Fan Fest, I had initially purchased a sweatshirt from My Dream Store. The surprisingly comfortable and adorable sweatshirt has the ever famous quote "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good'" written across the front with footprints and the scar surrounding it. I love love love this sweatshirt so much.

Aside from this, however, I do have clothing items that depict something Harry Potter. So clothing wasn't on my list of things to buy from the HPFF, although they had a great collection!

When I saw that MDS had the Elder Wand on sale, I had to buy it! There was no way I wasn't going to add the wand that makes one the master of Death in my shopping cart. When it finally got to me, the wand came nestled in a beautiful yellow silk material sitting in a box covered with a picture of Harry on one side and that of the battle between him and Lord Voldemort on the other. Even though the wand is the star here, I cannot stop myself from admiring the amazing outer package as well. 

The wand in itself is rather light and honestly, I wish I could cast spells with it. But we'll just leave that to my imagination. Besides, I know I'm a witch on the inside, so the wand will work when I want it to. *winks* Overall, with the pricing that I have seen for wands on other sites, this was totally worth it because it's wonderful.

Now when it comes to t-shirts, phone covers, laptop cases, posters and mugs, MDS basically had the same designs available on various things in different colours, so I shortlisted what I wanted the most and settled on two products that I'm so happy with.

The first is a red and white mug with 9 3/4 on it. I don't suppose I'll drink my beverages from this mug or even use it to put something in it, because it's so good, but I can totally see myself using it as a prop in my bookish photos and putting it on my Harry Potter bookshelf to make it look more gorgeous than it already is. When I first got the mug, I thought "dang! I could've got this printed on my own," as it seemed rather basic to me. But then again, I am way too lazy to get that done, so I'm glad I ordered it off of the website. Besides, if I can't catch the Hogwarts Express, I'll always have my mug to look at.

The second item was a cover for my phone. It's almost like a deep electric blue colour (my horrible photography doesn't do any justice to the vibrancy of it) with many, many spells from our beloved series written on it in black and oh my God! I love this cover so so much. It's so cool and it fits my phone perfectly. There's really not much else I can think of saying about a phone cover, expect for the fact that it's super duper cool.

Now if you know me, you'll know that I wouldn't leave a store without looking at the jewellery they have and the same was the case here. I already have the Deathly Hallows pendant and a snitch charm, so I was looking for something different when I stumbled upon the philosopher's stone locket.

I faced a major problem with this particular item from my order because they sent me the wrong product, and when they replaced it, the courier service was almost about to break my heart by telling me that the package was lost, when I finally received it. I must say that the customer service of MDS was very efficient and helpful throughout.

I am not a 100% impressed with the gold chain of the locket because it seems rather thin and like it would break if I pulled it too much, but I could always replace the chain. The locket itself is gorgeous and so sparkly and lovely and just perfect. About an inch and a half in height, the locket shines like a diamond and I can't wait to wear it around.

So that was all that I got during the HPFF hosted by MDS and everything about this was so good; from the idea of it to the service and final products. I sure hope they have more Harry Potter related events with different products in the near future.

Did you buy anything during the Harry Potter Fan Fest by My Dream Store? If yes, what all did you get? What are your thoughts on my products? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and happy reading! Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous. Esp the hoodie.

  2. Eeeep yeeaah I'm glad you were able to pick up so many cool things and that you were impressed with the quality of them for the most part! I do love that hoodie very much, but I think the phone case might be my favourite of the lot!! I've never purchased an official wand before, but I have whittled my own wand from a piece of wood that I'm quite proud of... but I would like to buy a fancy one some day because they look so amazing!! Fantastic haul and thanks for sharing, Sarika!

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