Monday, April 18, 2016

Review- Dirty Deeds by Megan Erickson


Alex Dawn is saying no to men. No to bad relationships, disappointments, and smooth-talkers. Focusing on her family and her job at Payton and Sons Automotive keeps her mind occupied and her heart content. She doesn’t really miss a man’s touch, until one night, a man shows up with the body of a god and a voice from her dirtiest dreams.

L.M. Spencer is only in Tory, Maryland, to scope out the town as a possible site for one of his company's hotels. The British businessman didn’t expect his car to break down or to find the hottest little American he’s ever seen holding a tire iron, piercing him with bright blue eyes.

They agree to one hot night, one dirty deed to burn out the chemistry between them. But from their first kiss, Alex can’t stop saying yes to this man. And when Spencer’s company threatens everything she cares about, they must make the choice to stand together or apart.

Release date: December 8th, 2015
Published by: Avon Impulse
Page numbers: 304


Dirty Deeds is the third book in Megan Erickson's Mechanics of Love series. I have to admit that this is the book I was looking forward to the most in the entire series though I'd surprisingly enjoyed the last book very much. Alex and Spencer's story was a pleasure to read. Its as simple as that. I am so glad I read this series because now I will definitely be keeping an eye out on what Megan Erickson writes.

Alex is definitely not looking for a relationship. She has had a horrible experience with her last one and now she wants to stay away from men. Its not like she doesn't like men but she just wants to be independent and confident on her own. I loved Alex. She was such a strong person. She had her insecurities but with Spencer she feels great and she's falling for him even when she knows its a bad idea.

Spencer is only in town for a few days. He's a bit of a loner and he's never wanted to settle down. I really liked Spencer. From the moment he meets Alex they are sparks flying all over the place. Spencer can let down his guard when he's with Alex and be the man he wants to be instead of playing the sophisticated man. 

I loved the chemistry Alex and Spencer shared. This book had the whole opposites attract thing going on but it really worked. I loved how honest Alex and Spencer were with each other. They genuinely cared about each other and it was easy to see. I loved how Spencer respected Alex and worked with her to get over her issues.

I really liked seeing the previous couples and the rest of the Payton family. I've come to adore the quirks each of the characters have. Alex and Spencer just added to the bunch and by the end of the book I was left feeling really content with everyone's endings. Dirty Deeds was an amazing read and I highly recommend this series!

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