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Review- All of Me by Jonali Karmakar


All of Me is a collection of thirteen little stories that have been gleaned from real life as well as imagination. Exploring a range of genres, these throb with everything primal to human nature: fear, angst, joy, love, and longing. Some stories are designed to elicit smiles, chuckles, and maybe even a belly laugh or two whereas some are meant as a reality check. Universal in nature, each story provides a glimpse of what women empowerment or a lack thereof can mean in a person’s life.

From a small hamlet in India to the roads of Australia; from a mother’s betrayal to a daughter’s confession; from an extra marital affair to a same sex relationship learn for yourself the what, how and whys.

Originally written for anthologies and ezines, these stories have been revisited and updated for this new collection.

Title: All of Me
Author: Jonali Karmakar

Release date: May 29th 2016
Page numbers: 81


I'm always up for reading short stories, so when author Jonali Karmakar asked me if I wanted to read her collection, I was more than glad to give it a go. She has written many short stories as contributions to various anthologies, and All of Me is basically a compilation of all those stories. It's titled what it is titled because it has most of Jonali's short stories, and that is a great title with an adorable little background story, which I had to share.

Coming to the book, I feel that the collection is absolutely lovely. Every story is unique and mesmerising in its own way. Usually what happens with short story collections is that all the stories either never end satisfactorily or they seem to be the same. But luckily, none of this was true in the case of All of Me. Every story seemed like it was written by a different author, because aside from the plots, the writing was different and true to the voice and the theme every story was trying to convey.  The all ended really well, as well, but I do wish that some stories were slightly longer simply because I wanted to know more.

While I liked all of the stories, some of my most favourites are Confessions Of A Daughter, Finding Myself, Unbridled and Walks To Remember; all of which- now that I think of it- somehow end up focusing on the very core of feminism. But that's really not all that there is to this collection. There are stories about friendship, love, marriage, work, politics and what not. So it's a nice blend of a little bit of everything, which is enjoyable and refreshing.

It barely took me a few hours to finish this collection, which is a major advantage. So whether you read this while travelling or on a weekend or just whenever you get the time, you're bound to have a great time reading these wonderful stories that are beautifully written. Besides, you'll be sure to come across a story that speaks to you and talks of something of your interest. I suggest you pick this up and find out for yourself which that story is and just how nice this collection really is.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by author Jonali Karmakar in exchange for an honest review. We thank her.

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About the author:

 Jonali Karmakar is a fiction writer with a Masters in English. Writing is not just her passion but her way of dealing with life. She loves being able to escape into the worlds she creates. Everything that she writes becomes a part of her and she wants her readers to know the woman behind those words. In addition to being an educator, she works as a content editor for a local news portal. She has been providing editing, proofreading and translation services for the past few years.

Jonali’s work has been published in several journals, anthologies and poetry collections both national and international. An avid reader, she loves flipping pages of anything and everything on the table and reviewing the same on her blog Eclectic Moods. She feels that reading and writing are the flip sides of the same coin. Writing is her way of communicating with the world. When she’s not writing or teaching she loves to experiment with her paintings.

She has quite a few accolades to her name.


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