Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review- An Unlikely Pair by Monya Clayton


Two people could not be more different. For starters, he drinks coffee, she drinks tea!

Jason is a ruthless businessman. Lisa is a gentle, plain, working girl. She knows she isn't pretty, so he can't possibly be attracted to her as he says he is. Then why does he constantly seek her company? Is it because she is president of the local environment committee and he wants to get her on his side for his latest real estate development?

Still, they strike up an unlikely friendship. He is a tough man with a well hidden sensitive side. But she knows nothing about him, and he learns too much about her for her comfort. And when the secrets of his past begin to surface, will they be too much for a tender-hearted woman to bear?

Lisa is stronger than she believes. But will that be enough to turn this unlikely pair into a loving couple?


An Unlikely Pair by Monya Clayton is the story of how two completely opposite people can fall for each other. I enjoyed reading the book as I always like the opposites attract theme for the couples. But there wasn't anything extraordinary about the book. It was an okay and predictable read for me.

Jason is a ruthless businessman. He has worked hard to get where he is. To him, money is the most important thing in life and he'll do anything to get it. It took me sometime to get to warm up to Jason. He came off as very stand offish in the beginning. But as we got to know him through Lisa, we could see the depth in his character.

Then there's Lisa. She is a gentle, plain girl who works hard to support herself and her family. I liked Lisa. She was a sweet girl but I did get tired of hearing her put herself down over every small thing in the beginning of the book. Thankfully, she comes into her own and gains confidence with the help of Jason by the end of the book.

What starts out as friendship between Lisa and Jason soon turns into more. I liked how persuasive Jason was. I liked how Lisa always thought of Jason as a good man even when he himself didn't believe it. The romance which forms was steady but that made it real.

I liked how Lisa and Jason both had their own issues to tackle and get over. The book is set in a small town in Australia and the language is a bit different. I really liked it. The writing was simple and nice. Overall, An Unlikely Pair is a nice read if you like romance.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.


  1. Thanks Jahnvi, for the review, and I'm glad it's honest. No author should expect everyone to like their work equally, we humans are all different. I'm glad you grew to like it.

  2. I love books that deal with the who opposite's attract theme. Even though this book was predictable, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Great Review Janhvi!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  3. I don't like girls who downgrade themselves, it makes me dislike them instantly, so I'm very sure that this would not work for me. I'm glad that you atleast found the romance enjoyable. Nice review :)

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