Thursday, November 12, 2015

Review- Blurring the Lines by Marisa Cleveland


He broke all his rules... for her.

Real estate development CEO Blake Whitman is an Aquarius with a philanthropic nature, but when it comes to work, he's driven and focused, and he would never, ever mix business with pleasure. As far as he's concerned, office romance is off the table.

He also never backs down from a challenge, and Kira Layton just accused him of ruining the community. What better way to get her on his side than to hire her?

But the more he tells himself to keep his hands off his new, sexy secretary, the harder it is for him to come up with reasons why office romances never work and why it's a bad idea to cross the line...


Blurring the Lines was a read I picked off randomly from Netgalley. I didn't have many expectations from the book but to my surprise I ended up really enjoying Blurring the Lines. Blurring the Lines, is a book based on the zodiac sign Aquarius which gave a little something more to the book. I really liked the main characters, Blake and Kira which was why I enjoyed reading their story.

Let's start with Blake. Blake Whitman is a real estate development CEO. He is an out and out workaholic who doesn't have time for much in his life. He loves his work and that keeps him occupied. I really liked Blake. He tries hard not to be attracted to Kira whom he manages to finagle a deal out of but he can't help himself. I also liked how he changed his ways and adjusted for Kira. Blake was a great hero.

Then we have Kira. Kira was one of the sweetest and most sorted heroines I've read till date. She knew what she wanted from life and it wasn't money or a great career. I loved how Kira was so passionate about fostering animals and how she cared about her town's heritage and the well being of society. All in all, Kira was a modern, independent and intelligent lady. 

I loved the chemistry Kira and Blake shared. Though they both try to maintain the secretary boss relationship there are sparks flying all over the place. I loved the conversations Kira and Blake shared and nothing was rushed between them. It is a bit of a slow burn situation but the awareness is always there. They were really cute together.

Marisa Cleveland manages to write a beautiful love story complete with depth and complexity. I also liked the few side characters we got with Blake's brother Keith and Kira's friend Tish. With minimum angst and loads of fun times Blurring the Lines was a really good read.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the publishers from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.


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