Friday, February 19, 2016

Book Spotlight- Unanswered by Kunal Narayan Uniyal

Author bio:
Name: Kunal narayan uniyal

Education: St Thomas college
Dob: 12.09.1984

Professional qualification: Master mariner

Books: Kuch khwaab sagar se: Hindi poetry

Unanswered: English poetry cum essays  

 Sparrow in the mirror (upcoming): English poetry

Le moineau dans le miroir : French poetry

Main hoon kya (upcoming) : Hindi poetry

Journey to the next level (upcoming) : English fiction novel

Publisher:  Immortal doon publication, roman Books (UK), Smashwords,  Samaya sakshaya, Createspace
12 years at sea inspired me to come up with my first book kuch khwaab sagar se, launched in 2014 by honorable speaker of legislative assembly .i was called to France for the literary meet and discuss my works and was felicitated there by “house of life”, a literary society and rotary club, was decided by the society to translate my work to French. I was felicitated by nautical institute, London for my  book and  nominated for sailors today award 2014 in exemplary personal achievement category .my book is placed in the library of sahitya academy and rashtrapati bhawan and got a personal call from the house congratulating me for my work. During this period i was interviewed by various newspapers with the likes of hindustan times, garwal post, amar ujala,danik jagran, rashtriya sahara, i next and radio interview on radio khushi and recent one in radio zindagi on 8th january 2016.

French translation of the book is available by the name of “le moineau dans le miroir” available in all major book stores in France and offline elsewhere.

Recently my epic poetic book “unanswered “was released at international film festival, gurgaon on 5th December by famous director Mr. sudheer mishra followed by panel discussion by shabana azmi and pallavi joshi. Book was appreciated in both bollywood as well as literary worlds

Book synopsis:

Unanswered, I know it is quite an unusual kind of title for a book of poems barring a few  articles. Before I say anything more about my book, I would like to say something about myself and my thought process. Born and brought up in Dehradun, I have always shared a close affinity with nature. I used to love, I still do, watching nature and ponder how it can be loving and cruel at the same time. I grew up with my thoughts and took to sailing, a job were I fit in perfectly. My roving mind now had more to ponder about. Often have I stood alone on the deck of my ship, feeling the vibrations of a surging ocean underneath and watching the sky change its colours and mood without any indication. At times I have been frightened…. bewildered… mesmerized…all at once. I respect nature in all its aspects…its benevolence… its fury…its colours… its stillness…its suddenness…its unpredictability…everything!
Then I look at us…I mean we humans…we are the most superior…the most intelligent…the most progressive of all living creatures and yet the most miserable of all living creatures so long as we are shrouded in false ego and ignorance. Nature has its laws fixed and does not discriminate. It is we who draw what we call bad luck. I quote Cassius from Julius Ceaser” fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings…”All that is required is an insight into ourselves and faith in divine providence. Here lies the crux of my book ‘unanswered’.

Unanswered is all about finding the answers which lay deeply hidden in the core of our hearts but we fail to discover it as we are covered with fog of ego and desires. Unanswered is all about revealing those answers.

Non fiction cum poetic novel are based on life as question and answers. Each poem is supported by an article explaining the poem and reason behind writing same.

So much of questions in me which in turn coming from this mortal world led me to find answers for same and giving solace in this painful world.Why is there pain and sufferings, why do we die,what is morality,how can we become immortals are among those many questions which one will find answers to in my book in a very very simplified form. If my writing can bring peace into someone's life that would solve the purpose for which book was written. 
"From where it came,there shall it go"

I hope you guys check out Kunal's book and enjoy it once you do. Thanks so much for stopping by, and happy reading! 


  1. Thanks a lot Sarika for such beautiful write up and giving my book a place in your busy blog. Kepp writing and supporting good.

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