Monday, February 01, 2016

Review- Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee


‘Why do romantic relationships fade away? Does the magic slowly die? Or do lovers simply wake up one morning realizing they are done? Is it a trick that time plays on happy couples or is it something more profound, an evolution perhaps, of our feelings and our needs?’

Imagine there is a person you know nothing about, who is slowly destroying your marriage. Imagine there is a stranger who enters your life and makes you realize you are living a lie. Imagine there is a love so deep that you need to sacrifice everything you have to save it. Imagine you find out your partner is cheating on you. What will you do?

Naina, Ayesha, Kavita and Kaajal are four women who know nothing about each other and live cocooned in their individual worlds. Until one day, they’re forced to reckon with shocking truths they never imagined! Their desires haunt them, provoke them and make them fight to choose a new path in their lives. Will these women survive their stories of passion, betrayal and pain?

Bestselling author and film writer Madhuri Banerjee brings to you a new romantic thriller that interweaves varied stories of women and their passions, to show us how all relationships ultimately crash into each other.

Release Date: January 1st, 2016
Published by: Rupa Publications India
Page numbers: 272


I have been seeing a few Madhuri Banerjee's books here and there and so when I got an opportunity to read and review Forbidden Desires I thought, why not? I have to admit that I really liked her writing style. The stories pulled me in, made me think. I cannot say that I know anything about marriages but a glimpse into the lives of the 4 women we get to meet in Forbidden Desires isn't really encouragement. But it may be someone else's reality and it was an experience reading this book.

Let's start with Naina. Naina is the mother of two. She had a blooming career as a Chef but she fell passionately in love and decided to sacrifice her career putting her children's and husband's needs before hers. Now years later, her husband ignores her, the children are growing up and she has no identity for herself. Until she meets someone who actually pays attention to her. I liked Naina but I cannot say that her side of the story appealed to me the most.

On the other hand, the second woman, Aayesha was one whose story I loved. It was actually my favourite. Aayesha had an arranged marriage because she thought it was the right thing to do. Now her husband has a gambling problem and they have to keep up a façade. Until Aayesha meets a much older politician who actually wants to hear her opinion on things that matter.

I liked how Madhuri dealt with bisexuality in the next woman's story. Kavita is a successful woman and her husband feels insecure because of that. Kavita has tried to keep her desires at bay but Sara comes along who understands her and her needs. The last woman we get to meet is Kaajal. She is Kavita's younger sister and I have to say I disliked her the most. She is actually sleeping with a married man and is very unapologetic about it. She has her own views about marriage and likes her freedom.

There is a common thread connecting all these women and I found it interesting how everyone really is connected in life. The one thing I want to make clear is that this book is not for those with a traditional heart. I HATE cheating and this book is so full of it. But strangely the reasons are justified. Though it still makes me wonder if it can be that easy to give up on your partner. But I guess, loyalty in today's world has different definitions for each one. Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee was a complex read that I liked.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Rupa Publications India in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.


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