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Review- Of Bridges Among Us by Neeru Iyer

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The world of Of Bridges Among Us is inhabited by interesting characters -- porn actors weighed down by family values, lesbians coming out to their families, suspicious homemakers, and lunatics in confinement with a love for mangoes -- and each person has a unique story to tell.

Release date: November 2015
Published by: Palimpsest Publishers
Page numbers: 216


Author Neeru Iyer's Of Bridges Among Us is a collection of ten short stories that focus on exactly what the title says by portraying human emotions in a very subtle yet powerful manner. With short stories, it's either make it or break it; a reader either loves it or hates it. There is absolutely no in between. Luckily for me, albeit the predictability of the stories most of the time, Neeru Iyer's simple writing and sharp storytelling combined beautifully to make for an absolutely amazing collection of wonderful stories that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

While all the stories in the collection were really well made, the ones that stood out most for me are Falling Stars, The Girl by the Fourth Window, Moonwalker and She's not Afraid of Spiders. Close to these are also the stories titled A Stranger to Life, The Best Mango and The Reunion. The only stories I wasn't the most fond of were The Other Woman and Fever. But honestly, when more than half the stories end up being so beautiful , two can easily be overlooked and kept aside. My most favourite of them all, however, was Somewhere over the Rainbow. 

Neeru Iyer takes up so many themes, emotions and storylines that in one book itself, we go from issues like rape to cheating to LGBT to abuse to separation and so much more. I'm always looking for stories that have character development and heavy substance to them, which is why all these stories left me leaving satisfied. There was something so real and so unique about every story that it made it seem as if a different person was telling each story, and that's where Neeru Iyer's talent really takes centre stage. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend Of Bridges Among Us for it is a very beautiful read that will leave the reader in a happy place but at the same time, in a contemplative mood. I just feel like this book really spoke to me, and I adore it when books so that, so this was an instant hit that will remain with me for a long time. 

*Note: This book was provided by Neeru Iyer in exchange for an honest review. We thank her for the book. 

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