Monday, October 21, 2013

Review- Colony East by Scott Cramer

Goodreads Summary:

When the bacteria that killed most of world's adults undergo a deadly mutation, 15-year old Abby must make the journey to Colony East, an enclave of scientists caring for a small group of children for reasons unknown. She fears that time is running short for the victims, but she's soon to learn that time is running out for everyone outside Colony East.

The Toucan Trilogy by Scott Cramer:


*NOTE: We (The Readdicts) received a copy of Colony East (The Toucan Trilogy #2) by Scott Cramer from Candace @ Candace's Book Blog in exchange for an honest review. We thank Candace and Scott for the book! 

The first book in author Scott Cramer's The Toucan Trilogy, Night of the Purple Moon (NoPM- my reviewwas a brilliant read. Having read quite a few dystopians, I thought that this one wouldn't be any different but I was proved wrong. In this series, a purple comet has killed the entire population above the puberty age and the only survivors are kids and scientists living in quarantine. I've hardly read any books with preteens as the protagonist so this was something very different and thrilling. 
We had the first ever Author Interview and giveaway on our blog for copies of Scott's book and I was honoured when he contacted me to proof read the second book, Colony East. I didn't think I would be able to do it but I was glad to know there'd be a blog tour and I was even gladder to be part of it and to get the opportunity to read book #2. Colony East took off right from where NoPM ended and it was just as exciting and thrilling as its prequel, and it was also a notch higher than it. 
While I found it really hard to believe everything the kids were going through in both the books, I had a more stronger emotional connect to them in the second book. They are a bunch of absolutely brave, courageous and smart people. I cannot even imagine what I'd do in such a situation. I admired their perseverance and will to make it through. They fought and they fought hard by not giving up and looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. They are sad, depressed, hungry and lost. But they still manage to keep going, stay strong and never give up. 
Author Scott Cramer's writing is really good and it makes Colony East an easy and exciting read. I am finding it really hard to summarise the story because there was a lot happening and most of it could probably be counted as spoilers. All I can say is that the storyline is gripping and it ended on a cliffhanger that has me wanting for more. I can't wait to see how things wrap up in the last book. I sincerely hope all the kids have natural and genuine smiles on their faces by the end of it. This is an absolutely different, exciting and thrilling series that has you at the edge of your seat throughout the journey. 


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