Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #3

Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week we are talking about the books you were "forced" to read! Obviously, in most cases, you weren't LITERALLY forced to read it but you know what we are getting at here. Those required reading books, book club picks, books for your job or those books that it simply feels like other readers were going to tie you down until you read it!!

No one really had to force me to read anything. But some of these books, I was really curious to see why there was so much hype behind them. Some, I just didn't think I would like when I first saw them. But still, I am eternally grateful to my best friend and co blogger Sarika, for suggesting some of these because I LOVED them. :)

My picks are:

1. The Homing Pigeons by Sid Bahri

2. I Have People by Taylor Dean

3. The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

4. Gone Gone Gone by Hannah Moscowitz

5. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

6. Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

7. Dark Lover by J.R.Ward

8. Marked by P.C.Cast and Kristin Cast

9. Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

10. Starstruck by Cyn Balog

What are your picks?


  1. Of course I've read The Hunger Games, but I haven't read any of the others. I'm intrigued by The Sea of Tranquility, I admit, and most of that is from hearing bloggers rave about it.

  2. I have Perfect Chemistry on my Kindle ready to read. I have heard really good things about it! Great list :-)

  3. I love the HoN series even though most people don't...I also love the JRward books too.
    Here is my TTT

  4. I loved the Sea of Tranquility! Definitely a great read! I also really enjoyed the Hunger Games, and read the second, but have not been able to read the last one - just doesn't interest me and I get bored every time I start it. Maybe I will finish it some day!

  5. I absolutely loved "Dark Lover" but I couldn't get into "The Hunger Games". I loved the movie though. Great list!

    Tsuki’s TTT

  6. I really like your list! Love THG and Size 12, and I really want to read Sea of Tranquility and Gone Gone Gone.

    Mary @ Mary Had a Little Book Blog
    My TTT

  7. Thank you Janhvi - It's such an honor to be on this list. Thank you.

  8. Thank you Janhvi - It's such an honor to be on this list. Thank you.

  9. Perfect chemistry is so beautiful. Great list!

  10. Ahhh J. R. Ward! Yay!! I absolutely adore her series.
    My TTT

  11. I love your list! :) Somehow when I think of this topic first things that come into my mind are books I had to read for school. I wasn't a fan of them :D

  12. YES! I'm so glad to see the Blackdagger Brotherhood series there! I can't believe you were going to miss it, great that you picked it up. Though I can't say the same about House of Night series, I just wish I never read that series. It was such a waste of time. I still haven't read Gone Gone Gone and I've heard it's really emotional. Sign me up coz I really want to read that! Soon. I skipped this week's TTT because I never felt like someone forced me into reading anything, either I wanted to or not, but I like how you added hyped books in the mix because I would've had a bunch of those too.

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