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Review- The Ghost Hunters Of Kurseong by Shweta Taneja


Sometimes you go out looking for ghosts and sometimes the ghosts come looking for you...

When Kartik Godse's mother informs him that they are to move from Mumbai to the small hill station of Kurseong, he thinks his death is near. And the cause will be boredom. That is until he reaches there. On his very first day in this sleepy town, he is accosted by a frightened man and attacked by two strangers. This marks the beginning of his journey down an unexpected vortex of intruders, ghosts, hauntings and rumours. Armed with good instincts, a sharp scientific mind and two unlikely companions - gentle Tashi and the firebrand Opus, Kartik takes on the role of a ghost hunter and private eye to unravel a web of mystery, deceit and supernatural events!

At the centre of it all stands the old and dilapidated mansion called the Iyer Bungalow. What is the mystery of this bungalow? What do its ghosts want and what role does the mysterious DPRS have in all of this?

Join this brave trio as they make their way through the twisted bylanes of Kurseong, hot on the heels of villains both real and ghostly...


The Ghost Hunters of Kurseong turned out to be a much better read that what I initially expected it to be. The book starts off with Kartik our protagonist, having to move to the small hill station of Kurseong with his mother. He thinks the place is an absolute bore with small town people and doesn't know how he'll get through his stay.

That is until, the word ghosts comes up. I really liked Kartik. He was an intelligent boy. Like any thirteen year old he was curious about things he was not supposed to be curious about. When a series of incidents happen with Kartik he sets out to solve the mystery of the ghosts in Kurseong who have allegedly been terrorizing people.

With Kartik, are his two companions Tashi and Opus. I adored Tashi. He was a sweet and gentle soul who actually had the innocence of a thirteen year old. He was the only one frightened by even the possibility of discovering ghosts. The complete opposite of Opus. Opus is the daughter of Pinky Aunty, who makes delicious food.

I found Opus a little reckless but the girl had smarts. She somehow perfectly balanced out the trio in their ghost hunting adventures. There are a lot of secondary characters who soon become the suspects in the mystery. I found it fun the way Kartik and gang dug up clues which finally led them to find the real answers.

Overall, the Ghost Hunters of Kurseong is a really well written book. It is the perfect read for the younger crowd who like mysteries. It was an entertaining and well paced book, keeping the reader engaged as the plot thickens and the mystery slowly unravels. It was a good change from my regular reads. I enjoyed The Ghost Hunters of Kurseong.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review by Hachette India. We thank them.


  1. I haven't heard of this book before but it actually sounds like something my little brother would enjoy. He is twelve and loves to search and have adventures. I think I wouldn't enjoy this one as much as he would but still it sounds entertaining. Great review Janhvi :)

  2. Glad this turned out to be enjoyable for you! I probably wouldn't read something like this but it does sound interesting. Great review! :)

  3. It was a good read. And your review is good too. Here is our review

  4. My trip to Kurseong ,West Bengal , India


  5. Hi Sarbajaya,

    Just finished about kurseong. And what stunning photos! . I also have a blog and write the about Kurseong and darjeeling "Kurseong To Darjeeling? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart". Please check and share your views.

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  6. Our family established in kurseong town in the year 1875 migrated from Punjab for business. My father used to tell some stories on Ghosts at the begining. Then the population of town was about 4000 mostly Lepcha Community. As year passed the theory of ghosts also

    1. As the population started increasing the story of ghosts also vanished. The Kurseong Municipality came around 1885 one of oldest municipality in West Bengal. Kurseong is a sub division within the district if Darjeeling. Now as per census 20¹ the population in municipality is about 42500 or so.

  7. Written and submitted by Pratap Chand Agarwal, former Chairman of Kurseong Municipality in 2004-2008


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