Saturday, October 26, 2013

Review- Without You by Brooklyn Skye

Goodreads Summary: 

Dear reader, the sexual content in this novella is more explicit than STRIPPED and is recommended for 17+.

She was broken when I met her, shattered from the death of her sister and running from love. Not to sound like an egotistical douche or anything, but I fixed her. Put her back together, filled in the cracks, and made her whole. A true fairytale in her eyes.

But now real life is getting in the way: school, jobs, and the unexpected opportunity to travel the world under a legendary photographer. This internship will open doors not even my father’s influence could. It’s something I’ve been waiting all my life for. But so is Quinn, and accepting this internship will mean leaving her. 

And breaking her all over again.

Stripped series by Brooklyn Skye:


*NOTE: We (The Readdicts) received a copy of Without You by Brooklyn Skye in exchange for an honest review. We thank Brooklyn for the book!  

Author Brooklyn Skye's Stripped (my review) was an amazing story with many aspects in it that were a first for me in New Adult books. It was a really good book that I really liked reading. When we were accepted to be part of the blog tour for a novella in the series, Without You, I was glad as I'd get to read and ARC of it. 
With the way Stripped ended, I wasn't expecting any more in the series because it ended well, with the couple, Quinn and Torrin, together and happy. But it seems there are many readers who wanted a full on happy ever after for them and so author Brooklyn Skye decided to write a short novella to show what happened to the cute couple after Stripped. Even though I thought that it was unnecessary, Without You was a very short and sweet read that I liked. 
Things are going pretty smooth between Quinn and Torrin until there comes a time when Torrin has to pick between taking his passion, photography to a new level or staying with Quinn, who is slowly starting to believe in love with Torrin right by her side. The decision isn't easy but the two work wonderfully to make everything fall in place. 
Author Brooklyn Skye's writing is really good. It's always nice to see a young couple work hard to make what they have stay. It wasn't any different with Quinn and Torrin. For a super tiny read, Without You was really good and I enjoyed reading it. 
I hope there are more novellas in the series since I would love a prequel from Quinn's bipolar and dead sister's point of view and another from Torrin's photography internship head's point of view since I'd love to know more about them both. 



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