Friday, July 11, 2014

Quebec Exchange Program Post #3- About food

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know that I am a foodie as I post quite a few food photos there. I love my food and nothing gets in between the two of us. One of the things I look forward to the most in life in general is food. Obviously, when I signed up for the Quebec exchange program, I was really excited to try some amazing food. And luckily for me, my host family is just as fond of food as I am so I got to savour many delicacies whilst there. My host mum is such a wonderful cook. I enjoyed every meal she cooked for us and I am grateful to her for cooking for me. I especially enjoyed a typical Quebec meal she cooked for dinner once, which comprised of Shepard's pie, salad and a maple tart. I had no idea that Shepard's pie is a Quebec delicacy. I was always under the impression that it's British. My point is, not only did I enjoy food, I even learned a lot about the subject. This is the first time I'm actually writing about food and I'm not exactly sure what people look forward to when reading food reviews. For me, all that matters when it comes to food is that it's gotta be edible. I'm open to trying anything and everything so long as it's edible of course. So good food is all that counts. A nice ambiance and polite service barely matter to me. They're just an added advantage. Well, seeing as there isn't much to say,  I'll just take you through a picture journey of the many food photos that I clicked. The best part, however, is that since we cooked a lot of Indian food for our wonderful hosts, you get a peek into the same. Here we go! 

A nice piece of rhubard and apple pie with hot chocolate at a local cafe.
Roast chicken, Ceasar salad, sauce and bread- yum! 

Lunch in Montreal- chicken burger with pickles.

The most amazing meal I had... Shepard's pie or pâté chinois cooked by my wonderful host mother.
A filling, quick and absolutely smacking meal at Tim Hurton's- soup and chicken panini. 
Dinner cooked by me for my host family- chicken curry and mildly spiced potatoes with rotis and rice.
A warm beef sandwich on a chilly Quebec night.
And to top it off... Delicious, creamy and smooth hot chololate!
Apple cider in a cozy and lovely Quebec restaurant called Omelette.

Warm and yummy pumpkin soup.
Delicious chicken crepes with salad and fries.
Ah, man! This dessert... Such a beauty! 
One can never have enough of hot choloate in freezing weather!
Masala papad- crisp bread with toppings, a DIY starter made by us for our hosts.

Pav bhaji- bread with mixed veg curry and chicken tikka. We cooked this for our hosts. 
An awesome dessert made by my host mother. Chocolate cake with caramel melt and raspberries.

My last dinner at the Cadorets- veg three coloured pasta. 
And my last dessert- crepes with ice cream and berries! 
A retail theraphy session ended up with lunch at Caffucino. Creamy celery soup!
Lovely pasta with bread.
This is one of the best cookies I've ever had! And I have plenty, so that's saying something. 
And yes... coffee!

Quebec fast food called poutine that's a plate of fries with sauce and cheese.

Are you as hungry as I am? Wow. This was one delicious post to make. Don't forget to check out the other posts in this series- about books and about traveling alone. Thank you for sotpping by and bon appétit !


  1. Oh my, I think I'm starving right now. I have seen or heard about most of these, and actually Lunch in Montreal is a very typical lunch in Bosnia too :) I love how that hot chocolate looks, yummy! I'm so glad you enjoyed and tried such amazing food. Great post, Sarika :)

  2. And now I am hungry! Oh, it all looks so tasty...

  3. Oh wow, you were definitely spoiled!! My mouth is actually watering now, looking at all that delicious-looking food. Poutine is one of my fave Canadian dishes :)


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