Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review- His Runaway Royal Bride by Tanu Jain


When Maharaj Vidyamann Veer Singh of Samogpur's beautiful young wife vanished three years ago everyone assumed she was dead. When Veer discovers she's actually alive and well he's determined to bring her back home to do her duty...

Meethi loved Veer passionately but felt shackled in the role of his wife. Will they overcome the obstacles to find happiness in marriage?


His Runaway Royal Bride by Tanu Jain is the story of Veer and Meethi. I really liked His Runaway Royal Bride much more than I expected to. As you get to know Veer and Meethi and the reasons behind their actions you can't help but hope for their happy ending.

When Veer's wife Meethi disappeared three years ago he was devastated. But now he's found her and he won't stop till he gets his revenge from her for breaking his heart. Veer was a typical cold Mills and Boon hero. He had his ego and pride and the one time he decided to trust his heart it got trampled upon. I liked Veer after we find out his back story. It really makes you understand his behavior.

Then we have Meethi. Meethi never wanted to marry Veer at such a young age but she was charmed by Veer himself. She couldn't help but fall for him. I really liked Meethi. You'd think that because Veer and Meethi share a nine year age difference Meethi would be immature and spoiled. But that was so not the case. Meethi has had to face hardships of her own and there were very good reasons behind her wanting to get away from Veer.

Veer and Meethi's love story goes in the present but we do get flashbacks from the past when they first met. I think that really helped in understanding their situation. Veer and Meethi both clearly love each other but they have a hard time expressing it. They both also had a ton of individual issues to work through. But they finally do find their way to each other through all the misunderstandings.

His Runaway Royal Bride is filled with angst and drama. But there are happy times as well. It was a bit cliched but I didn't mind. I was happy to see Veer and Meethi finally get what they deserve. His Runaway Royal Bride was a good read.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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  1. I was randomly checking your book review archives when I found this. I have heard about this book but haven't read so far. So your review helped me in making my decision...


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