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Review- Finally, Forever by Katie Kacvinsky

Goodreads Summary:

Author's Note: Can be read as book three of the First Comes Love series, or as a standalone .

College baseball player, Gray Thomas, had to go far out into left field to find a girl like Dylan, the ex-love-of-his-life. More than a year later, literally at a crossroads, they find each other together on a journey that is a pause between a painful past and an uncertain future. In this sexy and offbeat summer read, Gray and Dylan discover that a destination isn't always a place. More often, it's a person. Now it's time for them to finally decide, is this forever?


I absolutely adored Katie Kacvinsky's First Comes Love and Second Chance. In fact, I remember quite well that Second Chance was one of the first blog tours we participated in since we started our blog almost two years ago now. Having enjoyed the first two books, I was looking forward to reading the final instalment in the series. However, seeing as it was a gap of two years, my excitement wasn't up to the brim. 

Finally, Forever was the most random book pick for me seeing as I was pushing the book aside. Besides, I was just on the verge of going into a reading slump. But thanks so much to this book, I read like it was a competition and the one to finish first will be rewarded with more books. But other books will come only after I enjoy Dylan and Gray's company for a while longer by writing this review. I had no idea I missed Dylan and Gray, the cute and most unusual couple so much till I read Finally, Forever. In this book, having established their knack for wrong timing, the two bump into each other and that leads to a confused, crazy and absolutely cool road trip of a journey. 

I thoroughly enjoyed being with Dylan and Gray. There are a few scenes in the First Comes Love series that have stayed with me for all this time and it's simply amazing when an author manages to do that. I must applaud Katie Kacvinsky for her unconventional way of showing an adventurous, curious, unique, vagabond girl being mellowed down by a nice, simple and sweet guy in her books, as opposed to the other way round formula. The author writes so well from both her characters' points of views. It makes you think they're real. I especially treasured the deep and meaningful conversations which are a rare find in Young Adult/ New Adult novels these days. 

Dylan and Gray are such a joy to read about and it was amazing to see the two work and at the same time, not work things out together. It was a treat to watch their respective families play such an important role not just in their lives, but in the general plot of the book. I have seriously devoured and enjoyed this book to the T. If you haven't read this series yet, you seriously need to start. Or better yet, like the author herself says, you can even read the last book as a standalone. Just go for it. You'll end up having a good time, I promise. All in all, I am so glad I finally read Finally, Forever. It has been one of the cutest and quickest reads of the year for me. 



  1. I haven't heard a lot about this book, but it sounds like a great ya romance. I love it when moments in a book stays with you and you keep thinking about it. For me, that usually means it\s awesome. :) Great review.

    Nina from J'adore Happy Endings

  2. Wait - did you just say that we have a sweet, nice boy in here? None of that whole bad boy drama? Well... consider me sold!

    I haven't really heard about this series until now, but I'll go ahead and grab copies of all three books as soon as I can. It sounds like the author has put so much thought into developing characters, and this sounds just like my type of read. I just know that I'll like Dylan and Gray! ;)

    Great review as always, Sarika!

    Lyra @ Defiantly Deviant

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