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Review- Love Sucks by Sage Collins


Mailee Jones is about to answer the age old question: "How much love would a love sucker suck if a love sucker fell in love?"

Mailee is a Haustrix, an otherwise normal girl with a demon gene that causes her to consume love from any human she touches. Afraid of draining anyone completely, she's been leading an isolated life, relying on Eric, a hunky lust-draining Haustor and the only person she can safely touch. She's content to avoid humans for all but the quickest possible hand-brushes with the dreaded cheerleaders to keep from starving.

Until she meets Logan, a diabetic who is the first human to understand Mailee's anguish over her diet. But growing close to him means risking his love for her. Mailee's convinced it's time to do something--anything--to become human. But the only antidote requires her to release and be systematically infected by demons representing each of the Seven Deadly Sins. Sloth and Pride? Okay, fine, but sins like Wrath and Envy aren't so easy, as proven when possessed-Mailee punches the cheerleader who's making eyes at Eric. Can she honestly get through all the sins?

Not to mention this new issue--is she interested in Eric instead? Because if she turns human, she'll lose him. Forever.


Love Sucks is the story of Mailee. She is a Haustrix, which means that she has inherited a demon gene which causes her to suck out or consume people's love if she touches them. She can drain anyone completely out of their love for one another or anything they are thinking about at the moment. So Mailee is a Haustrix and Eric is a Haustor, the male version of the demon and the only person she can safely touch.

I found Mailee's character to be relatable. She is introverted and likes to keep to herself because of her abilities. She is afraid she'll drain out the love out of anybody who loves her and so stays away from everyone except Eric and their friend Justin who have similar abilities. I liked getting to know about the story of her older brother Matt and what happened with him. Though I would have loved getting in a bit more deeper there.

Then Mailee meets Logan. He is a diabetic and he can understand Mailee's anguish over her diet. Mailee cannot eat normal human food. She has to drain out a little love out of somebody to satisfy her hunger. As Mailee starts growing closer to Logan she hates the demon part of herself and wants to find a way to become human.

And so she has to release and be systematically infected by demons representing the Seven Deadly Sins. The book goes with how each demon affects Mailee for sometime. As her journey to become human continues, her feelings get conflicted over Eric and Logan. There were some situations in which I felt Mailee acted immature. It did not go with her nature as described earlier.

Love Sucks was a nice read. I liked the conversations between Logan and Mailee. Logan was sweet and caring. Mailee acted a bit too needy with Eric. But I guess when you take into consideration her past with her brother Matt, it gets justified. The concept of Love Sucks was really unique and something I've not read before with the whole Haustrix thing. It was an interesting read.

*Note: This book was provided to us by the publisher for an honest review. We thank the publisher.

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  1. This book is new for me, but I like the title xD I see it's not amazing but it sounds like an interesting and fast read. Maybe I'll give it a try :) Great review!

  2. I love the first line of the summary. Very captivating! I really like it. The concept is very unique, and I want to know more about this love suck thing. Thanks guys!

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