Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review- Ripples: A Novel In Stories Of 9/11 by Linda Oatman High

Goodreads Summary:

9-11 connected people in ways we never imagined.

Eight teenagers with very different lives find they have something in common after all: their lives were horribly affected 9-11. Like ripples in a pond, the pain and tragedy spread far beyond the events of that terrible day. But some good things happened too—people reached out, helped someone else, gave to people who needed it more, and shared the most precious gift of all—simple human kindness in the face of unspeakable human cruelty. Those things spread like ripples in the lives of these unique teens, and in their turn, they keep the ripples going. Their lives will never be the same, but maybe they can make something good come out of it. Maybe they can be touched by the Ripples.


Ripples was a very emotional read. It revolves around 9/11 and how the incident affected the lives of people and how they coped up with their loss and grief. 
Ripples is the story of eight people whose lives get inter-connected and merge with one another after the huge 9/11 fiasco. It was very touching to read these stories. Every person is trying their best to move on in whatever way possible and that's when they stumble upon somebody else, who helps them get by with life. These guys are just young adults and it was a little disturbing to read about the difficulties they face and raw emotions that they express. Throughout the book, souvenirs and little pieces of memories and attachment are exchanged between all these people. It was beautiful to read about that sort of connection and value. 
A very short and gentle read, Ripples is one of those books that makes you think and feel at the same time. I could sympathise with the characters and I felt for them all. At times, I didn't know what I was feeling, it was so emotional. Sometimes I found myself crying for the victims deep within. Ripples definitely leaves an impact. 
Though a deep read, author Linda Oatman High writes in a simple, systematic and completely genuine manner. I would definitely recommend Ripples for the impact that it leaves and for the glimpse that it gives into the lives of the hard hurt victims of 9/11. 


X 3.5


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