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Review- Valley Of Dust by Karoleen Vry Brucks

Goodreads Summary:
Even as a little girl, Selene had always been adventurous, climbing trees and finding new adventures in every nook and cranny. She was never accepted by either gender—all children thought she was too outspoken and strange. Little did she know how different she truly was until an encounter with a mysterious stranger changes her life forever. Readers can witness the intriguing events unfold in Valley of Dust, a novel by Karoleen Vry Brucks.

From the moment that Lucian saw Selene, he knew she was special and that she was his destiny. He sent his brother, Anton, out to watch over her and protect her while she was still unaware of her true nature. Lucian, however, didn’t foresee that Anton and Selene would be mutually attracted to each other. Will Selene come between the two brothers? How will she handle the truth about what she is and the power that courses through her veins? Readers can unravel the exciting answers as they explore the Valley of Dust.


*NOTE: Author Karoleen Vry Brucks provided us (The Readdicts) a copy of Valley Of Dust in excahnge for an honest review. We thank Karoleen for the book! 

I found Valley Of Dust very, very interesting. Initially, I thought it would be like any other regular paranormal romance. But there was so much more to it than just that. In Valley Of Dust, you are introduced to some new, fresh and quite different concepts. 
Valley Of Dust is about a species called as strigoi, who can inject life and also drain it from another person. Selene is an unusual human who is neither accepted by her friends nor her family. She has an affinity to the elements. The only constant in her life- which also happens to be the only thing that's kept her sane- is the handsome man, Lucian, who keeps appearing in her dreams. Lucian sends his twin brother, Anton to keep an eye on Selene and to protect her. When she is attacked and almost raped, Anton makes sure that Selene is safe and she then actually steps into Lucian's life as the two men bring her to their house. That is where Selene meets Carla, a beautiful woman, not just looks-wise, but also as a person and Jacques, the French cook, who is also really beautiful as a person.  She then discovers what she really is. Screwing up with the wrong brother, children, strigoi Council meetings, drama, a few fights and a bit of violence here and there, all become a part of Selene's new life. There is also a mystery twist to the book which brings into focus Detective Michael, and that makes the story all the more absorbing. 
I don't quite know how to give more details about the book without spoiling the story. 
As a protagonist, Selene was great. She is straight-forward, smart and a little harsh at times, which is only because of the neglect she has been through. Lucian was the typical gentleman, but I don't know what to say about Anton. That guy gave me the creeps! Lucian and Anton both have Alexander and Sebastian, two parental/brotherly figures in their lives, who are also eminent members of the Council. Selene's children, Marcus and Serena are very interesting and I would like to know about them and I wish they get their individual stories. 
The pace of Valley Of Dust was simply mind-blowing. It was a quick read and yet everything was well explained. For me, the book was all about something new in the paranormal genre. When I think of the book, the only adjective that comes to mind is 'interesting', because that it what Valley Of Dust was- interesting. Author Karoleen Vry Brucks has written a fresh concept in a very engrossing way. I am definitely going to be on the look out for more books by her. 


X 3.5


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