Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along: Week 1



Things which make a road trip fun are:

1. Friends:
Its pretty obvious. You want to have a fun road trip, go with your friends or family. What better way to spend time on a road trip than chatting with your best friend?

2. Music:
Good music is a must on road trips or you'll get bored out of your mind. Music which makes you feel good without making you fall asleep and which can help you enjoy your drive.

3. Books:
There's no better way spending time on your road trip if you can read your favorite books. I love it when I read a book which later reminds me of the place where I read it while travelling.

4. Chocolates:
You really don't need a reason to eat chocolates but Road Trip is a good reason as any ;)

5. Beautiful Scenery:
You can thoroughly enjoy your road trip by gazing out at the beautiful scenery and enjoying it. It'll just make you feel content and happy.

                                                   My Thoughts so far:
I wanted to read Sweet Evil just because of its pretty cover at first but then its blurb interested me too. I don't know why I hadn't picked it up before but this read along seemed like a great opportunity. The book has started out okay for me. I am not a very big fan of Anna yet but I hope as the story continues I can understand her better. We have just got teases of Kaidan till now. I really want to know more about him. I haven't read a book with the whole angel demon thing in quite some time so I'm quite eager to go ahead and see what happens. I am tempted to finish off the book.



  1. I think my BF would be for sure the pest person to road trip with! Agreed on good music...A playlist always helps. Although I haven't had the privilege to have a great scenery while driving. :( I hope you grow to like Anna. I hope you like!!!

  2. You're right -- you don't need an excuse to eat chocolates. They're good at any time!

    Returning your follow :)

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