Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review- Waterdancer by Samantha Combs


For Bailey Wasserman, being Bailey has recently become an incredible challenge. It's not enough that she must come to terms with her mother's new husband, their new life, and a new surfer boyfriend. When she meets her real father for the first time, she discovers a secret family trait that will alter the course of her own life and those she loves…maybe forever.

Bailey and her mom have always met life’s challenges as a team of two, more like best friends than mother and daughter. But her mom’s recent marriage has changed all of that, and having her little brother Landry is the only good Bailey can find in that union. The move to wealthy Del Mar from their humble beginnings has turned Bailey sour, until a chance meeting with surf hottie Jack West. Then Bailey’s father, with his annoying Zen-surfer lingo and a talking turtle he claims is no less than her spirit guardian, reenters her life and threatens the only relationship Bailey thinks is working in her world. She soon finds out that’s not all his arrival will do. His presence and their shared family trait could ultimately force Bailey to make a decision that will alter the course of her own life and those she loves…forever.


Waterdancer is the story of Bailey. She has just had many big changes in her life. Her mother has remarried and now they have to live in a new place. She has to go to a new high school and adjust to life near the ocean. With all these things happening suddenly her real father shows up revealing a secret that changes Bailey's life forever.

Bailey was a sweet character. She cared about her family and her mother's happiness and was a really likeable character. I loved her relationship with her younger brother Landry. He was the cutest. Bailey then meets Jack, a boy from her new high school. I loved the romance between Jack and Bailey. It was cute with the right amount of hesitance to make it look real.

Jack teaches Bailey how to surf in Waterdancer. I haven't read many books about surfing so I found it interesting. Also, the real reason for it being called Waterdancer is because Bailey inherits a gene from her real father which makes her a sea creature. This book was almost like a fairy tale with the whole curse thing.

I loved Bailey's sense of humor. The way she thought about things was amusing. I only wish Waterdancer could have been a longer read. The book was fast paced and there was never a dull moment. Some things were a little hard to believe but all in all it was a cute and quick read. This was a clean Young Adult book and could be suited for younger readers as well.

*Note: This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review. We thank the publisher.

 X 3.5


  1. Great choice for a book review! Never heard of it but it sounds good!


  2. A sea creature?! Now that's interesting. And Bailey sounds lovely! Glad you liked this one!!

    I could've sworn I had been following you guys already, but apparently not. Sorry about that!!

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