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Read-along Discussion Post #2- The Homing Pigeons... by Sid Bahri

Welcome to the week 2 discussion of The Homing Pigeons Read-along being conducted by Ankita @ Booklok Coffee, Nimi @ The Readers Cosmos along with Janhvi and I. Nimi already had a great first week discussion and you can recap it right here and Janhvi's and my responses to the same can be read here.
The week 2 discussion has happened over at Ankita's blog and she has done a fab job (no surprises there)! Her questions are challenging, thought provoking and quite difficult to answer which is always a nice thing. 
Ankita's The Homing Pigeons... Week 2 Discussion Post
You can still join us for the Read-along and follow our updates on Twitter using the hashtag #THPReadAlong. We've answers Ankita's questions below! 

Ankita's question: When Radhika told Abhinav that she isn't sure if she want to have a child and Abhinav declared that he wants a child. He demanded, he ordered. In general, is it right for one partner to pass a demand without taking his/her partner's wishes in account. When you are married, is it always a team then or it's you-against-me?

Janhvi : It was completely wrong and selfish of Abhinav to demand Radhika to have the baby when she was clearly unsure. From what I can see, having a baby is not an easy decision and it should be made when both the parents are ready. Marriage should be us against the world not you against me.

Sarika: From what I have seen and heard, it can go either way. One of my school teachers once said that if you're a dominating person, you'll be dominating wherever you go. The same goes for demanding as well, I guess. 
In my opinion, marriage, as an institution, is like any relationship- it has to work both ways. It is wrong for either spouse to demand anything without the other's consent. 
P.S: I love how Aditya calls Abhinav a mouse! 

Ankita's question: Radhika is worried to tell the truth about the baby to Abhinav, her husband. She is afraid that Abhinav will not understand that his wife had a past and forgive her and move on. If you were in a place where your partner told you about his/her past, what would you do? How would you react?

Janhvi: Past is the past. If whatever has happened will never affect the future I think I would be able to move on from it. But yes, complete honesty and full disclosure of the situation is required. Trust doesn't come easily to me but once I do, you have my loyalty for life. The same applies here.

Sarika: I know for a fact that when someone knows that they have complete trust in somebody else, they tell that person everything (good and bad) about their past that there is to know or that they want the other person to know, without the other person even asking for it. And it takes time to trust someone. 
I would much prefer if the person told me their past, but I would appreciate it even more if I'm told of it before marriage. All I'll try to do in such a situation is to try to understand it. 

Ankita's question: What is your most favorite scene or incident, something that touched your heart?

Janhvi: I loved the time when Radhika and Aditya spent together during the whole training. They fell in love with each other all over again here and it was beautiful to watch. Plus all the longing scenes filled with angst are tugging at my heart too.

Sarika: Pages 115 to 120 from Radhika's POV touched my heart. I love love love it. I have a post it note up there! 

Ankita's question: Likes and Dislikes from the story?

Janhvi: I'm liking everything about the book. I only wish Aditya and Radhika didn't have to endure so much in their lives. But I am really hoping that the happily ever after is worth all the obstacles they had to face in their path.

Sarika: I love this book. Its beautiful and I really don't know how to describe it's beauty, so you can just read my review to know how much I love it. But yes, the situation, like I've said before, for me, in the Indian context, is a lot to take in at once. 

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Thank you so much for stopping by, guys! Do stop by here on July 15 when Janhvi (and I, although there isn't anything I haven't already said) will wrap up the read-along. See ya and happy reading! 


  1. Well every time you discuss about it I'm more and more intrigued about it. I'm glad you both love this book and I can't wait to see your final thoughts. Great discussion :)

    1. Ah, you should read this one sometime, Tanja. It's a beautiful read. Thank you for stopping by! :)

  2. Hi Aman,
    My apologies for spoiling your reading experience. I didn't realize that the formatting was awry. I will have it fixed.Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
    If you are in India anytime soon, do let me know and I'll be happy to send across a paperback copy to you.

    1. Thanks so much, Sid! I made sure your message reached Aman. :)

  3. So glad you agree with me, Aman! Trust sometimes get very difficult for me to figure out but I'm slowly learning. ;) Thanks for stopping by and sorry about the book. Just plan a trip to India and you can read the book from my shelf with many others. :D


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