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Review- Glass Frost by Liz DeJesus

Goodreads Summary:

When joined together, Cinderella's slippers grant the wearer her heart's desire. But whose wish will be granted?

When Cinderella’s glass slipper is stolen, Queen Felicia sends her faithful steward Terrance to the real world to retrieve his love and witch-in-training, Bianca Frost. The power of the glass slipper in the wrong hands could ruin peace in Everafter. Bianca must gather every bit of magic she has learned in the past few weeks to find the slipper and protect her new love. Together, Bianca, Ming, Prince Ferdinand, and Terrance venture deep into the heart of Everafter to seek clues as to who has stolen the slipper and why. Along the way, they uncover what happened to the Seven Dwarves after Snow White married the prince, but also learn the awful risk of tampering with black magic and the high price that must be paid for magical aid, even when used for good.

Bianca and Terrance’s relationship is put to the test. Through the pain of suffering and loss, Bianca must determine if following her gallant boyfriend into his faraway world is in fact her heart's desire.


*NOTE: We (The Readdicts) received an ARC of Glass Frost from author Liz DeJesus in exchange for an honest review. We thank Liz for the book! 

I absolutely enjoyed reading First Frost by author Liz DeJesus. My review of the book can be read hereEven though the book ended pretty well for me, I knew there was more and I was pretty excited to read the ARC of the second book, Glass Frost, sent to us by the author for which I'd like to thank Liz
Glass Frost didn't disappointed at all. It was an enjoyable read packed with action, adventure, magic and romance. But yes, I couldn't help compare the two books and the first book remains my favourite. 
While First Frost was all about an introduction to the magical and not so normal life led by Bianca Frost, descendant of Snow White, Glass Frost was all about stepping more into the fairy tale world. 
The Everafter queen wishes to seek Bianca's  help in order to find Cinderella's missing slipper. One slipper rests safely in the Museum of Magical and Rare Artifacts run by Bianca's family, but one slipper has mysteriously gone missing. From there, Bianca, her best friend Ming, and from Everafter, her boyfriend Terrance and Prince Ferdinand, set out on an adventure that has you on the edge of your seat. This book was action packed and full of exciting undertakings. 
I liked Bianca as a protagonist in First Frost and liked her even more in Glass Frost. She handles dangerous situations very well and is brave and sweet. Her best friend Ming was a blast to have around. I love the loyal and strong friendship between the two where they know each other like the back of their hands. 

Terrance and Prince Ferdinand were utter gentlemen and it was amusing to see them get confused and carried away by the world in Bianca's time. Terrance is a darling and straight out of a fairy tale while the Prince is simple, funny and very kind. 
There was a lot of romance between Bianca and Terrance and it was good to see the two get together and express their feelings. Ming and Prince Ferdinand's romance was there too, but very little. The four were a good gang who took care of all the problems they faced. Bianca's mom Rose and her dad David had their own romantic story going on along with the young lovers. 
I enjoy reading the wonderful relationship Bianca shares with both her parents. A rarity in YA novels these days, it is refreshing and good to see a well-knit familial bond in Liz DeJesus' books.  
The author's writing is simple and very pleasant. It really takes the reader back to the days of Disneyland and fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers and the experience is truly wonderful. 
Though I did not enjoy Glass Frost as much as I enjoyed First Frost, I still liked the book and loved getting a more detailed peek into Everafter. I loved digging more into the many magical creatures and stories we've only heard of before. So overall, this was an action packed and thoroughly enjoyable read. 



  1. I love that it takes you back to Disneyland and Fairy Tales! Sounds fun, I'll have to check this series out.

    1. It is quite the fun read, Ali. I hope you can read it sometime. :)

  2. Nice, this sounds great, even if it didn't quite live up to the first book. I LOVE Disneyland, so I'm pretty sure this would be a perfect fit for me! I also love that there's a spotlight on the MC's relationship with her parents - you're right, it's so rare these days! Really lovely review, Sarika :)

    1. Correct! It is rare and it was wonderful to see it in this one. I think you'll enjoy these books, Aylee. Thank you! :)

  3. I love the book cover for this one! I don't usually read fairytale retellings, but this series sounds good! I love stories filled with action, adventure, magic, and romance! Even though you enjoyed the first book in the series better, I'm glad that you still liked this one. Awesome Review Sarika!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    1. You put it all right out there, Lindy. This book was full of adventure and fun. Thank you! :)

  4. Nice review!!
    Happy reading(:

  5. I haven't heard of this one before! I'm not sure about mixing fairytales that worked in Once Upon a Time so it could work in a book I guess. I'm sorry that this one wasn't as good as the first but I'm glad you enjoyed it over all :) Great review :)

    1. Yes, this one is a good series overall. Thank you, Tanja! :)

  6. It is a good fantasy series and perhaps you should give it a try yourself sometime, Aman. Thank you! :)


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