Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review- Not Your Average Joe by Nell Carson


Reality TV just got real in this Cinderella story about a factory worker and a CEO’s son…

Jennifer Wright is finishing a long shift on the assembly line at Brickman Foods when she meets her newest trainee, Jason Baxter — only that’s not his name and she knows it. She recognises him instantly as Jared Brickman, internationally renowned playboy and son of the CEO of Brickman Foods, working undercover to film the reality show, Joe Average.

Jared is also the father of Jennifer’s son, Chris, although he doesn’t know it. The six years since they dated have been momentous for Jennifer, but it’s clear when they meet again that Jared doesn’t even remember her. Jennifer knew Jared the boy — irresponsible and reckless. Now she has the opportunity to discover Jared the man. She’d like to tell him about his son, but fears his reputation as depicted in celebrity magazines.

Is Jared an infamous heartbreaker, or is he the man she sees now: sweet, shy, and dependable — someone who can be trusted in her son’s life…and maybe even her own?


Not Your Average Joe is not the first book I've read by Nell Carson. You can find Sarika's review of The Gingerbread House here and my review of Tell-All here. You can always expect Nell Carson to deliver a sweet contemporary romance and that is exactly what I got in Not Your Average Joe.

Jennifer, our heroine is works hard in the assembly line in Brickman Foods. She needs the job and the money to support her son and herself as her parents abandoned her a long time ago when they found out she was pregnant in college. I really liked Jennifer. She was determined to make the best of her situation and to work with what she got. She was sensible and smart.

While working Jennifer meets Jason, her new trainee who is actually the famous play boy Jared Brickman posing for a new reality show called as Joe Average. Jennifer recognizes him the instant she meets him but she fears losing her son if she confesses that Jared is the father. So begins their journey. It is obvious that Jared is attracted to Jennifer, yet there are secrets keeping them apart.

The romance between Jennifer and Jared was sweet. I liked Jennifer but I didn't really like Jared. He was more of a beta hero and failed to be assertive. I thought he was a bit immature and self centered compared to Jennifer and I would have liked to see a bit more depth to him. Yet, I enjoyed all the conversations between Jennifer and Jared.

The story line of Not Your Average Joe is fairly simple but it still manages to pull you in. It makes for a cute and quick read. You get the very predictable happy ending but it still makes for a sweet read. If you're a fan of sweet contemporary romances, Nell Carson's books are it.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. We thank the author.

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  1. You both really seem to enjoy NA or contemporary novels. That's really great. I haven't heard of this one but any contemporary I start lately I abandon. I'm glad you liked this one overall :) Great review Janhvi :)


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