Monday, July 01, 2013

Read-along Kick-off: The Homing Pigeons... by Sid Bahri

We are back with another Read-along! 
This time, along with our dear fellow blogging buddies, Ankita @ Booklok Coffee and Nimi @ The Readers Cosmos, Janhvi and I will be reading The Homing Pigeons... by Sid Bahri, the most beautifully written Indian novel that I have read so far. 
Yes, I have already read the book but I am really looking forward to rereading it with these wonderful ladies. Also, the ever kind author Sid will be joining us as well! 
Below is all the info you need to know. 


In the middle of the catastrophic 2008 recession, Aditya, a jobless, penniless man meets an attractive stranger in a bar, little does he know that his life will change forever…..
When Radhika, a young, rich widow, marries off her stepdaughter, little does she know that the freedom that she has yearned for is not exactly how she had envisioned it…..
They say Homing Pigeons always come back to their mate, no matter where you leave them on the face of this earth. Homing Pigeons is the story of love between these two unsuspecting characters as it is of lust, greed, separations, prejudices and crumbling spines.



I am this half bald man who is trying to make a living by writing books. I gave up a corporate career  to follow my passion of writing. I was equally insane when I moved to the hills of Ranikhet, giving up the comforts of a city and a job that paid very well. Yet, that is what I am - eccentric and happy.

For more info, you can check out our Author Interview with Sid Bahri. 


Take a look at our co-hosts! 

Ankita @ Booklok Coffee- We can safely say that Ankita is a good friend of ours. It feels like we know each other since ages. It's always nice chatting with A. Like us, Ankita too loves books and reading and mind you people, this fierce, smart and wonderful girl is going to save the world! 

Nimi @ The Readers Cosmos- Nimi is who all Indian book lovers and bloggers as well as authors turn to for help. A sweet girl, Nimi introduces us to new books and is herself a big time reader and book lover. 

Janhvi and Sarika @ The Readdicts- I don't have anything to say about myself, but I can tell you that Janhvi is my best friend, a brilliant girl and if you don't know her, well, you're simply missing out on knowing a beautiful soul. 

Since you are on our soil and since we're too lazy, you can get our links from the side bar. 


The lovely banner below made by Ankita will give you the schedule of the Read-along. 

As you can see, the Read-along will take place from July 01 to July 15. The Homing Pigeons... has a total of around 315 pages and by the time we meet for a discussion, we'll be reading 100 pages, which roughly adds up to 20 pages per day and is very doable. This will also make it easier for other readers to join in anytime they feel like. And you can buy the book with the links provided above. 

Bloggers who will be participating, make sure you add the button in your blog side bar. It'll be really helpful. Here's the button:

We'll be using the hashtag #THPReadAlong on Twitter. 


This is the part where Sid will be joining us! 
The author has kindly said that he will answer readers' questions. You can shoot him a question on Facebook or Twitter (links above) or simply ask your questions in the blog post comments and we'll make sure your question reaches the author and is answered. Don't worry, we aren't going to threaten Sid! 
I'm sure the author himself will be super pleased to interact with y'all, so don't miss the opportunity to chat with a great author. 


Okay, that's about all I have for you, folks! I hope I've covered up everything. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of us hosts and we'll try our best to answer you all. 

I hope to see you all at the discussions. Trust me, this is one book you don't want to miss reading. 
So yes, see you all soon, have a great time and happy reading! 


  1. Hey S and J, How many pages have you read.. or in Sarika's case re-read :)
    I love this post, it's so colorful and cheerful. Thank you for your Kind words girls.. I do wonder if I am that good :D.
    Yeas dear you covered up everything beautifully. Kudos!

    Happy Read-along
    Ankita Singhal

    1. You are more good than that, A! Don't doubt it. Ah, I haven't yet had the chance to reread but I still remember everything of the beautiful read, I'll definitely go through it soon. Thank you so much! Kudos!



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