Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Release Party- Take Me Now by Faith Sullivan

A very happy release day to Take Me Now by author Faith Sullivan! We're happy to be part of the celebration and you can join in too by taking a look at the great post and giveaway Faith has for y'all. 

Title: Take Me Now (Take Me Now, #1)
Author: Faith Sullivan
Expected release date: July 16, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Ebook available at: Kindle | Nook ($2.99) 

Book Description:

How do you survive the internship from hell?

Don't fall in love.

Ivy thought being a reporter-in-training at the Independent Gazette would be her dream summer job. Little did she know, interviewing Eric, a landscaper with a heart of gold, would derail her plans. It turns out Ivy's boss, Lauren, has been eying his chiseled physique for quite some time.

But at twenty-four, Eric already has a tragic past, one that he is still reeling from. Even though his ordeal turned him into some sort of local celebrity, it's been a while since he's shared his bed with anyone. When he comes to Ivy's rescue out of the blue, it's not long before the two of them start seeing each other behind Lauren's back. When they get caught, Ivy's journey toward a college degree is jeopardized and her relationship with Eric is severely put to the test.

Career versus love? In the end, a shocking turn of events provides Ivy with a revelation she never saw coming.


If only I were open to the possibility of romance, but I’m not. There’s no way I can be. There are circumstances that can’t be wished away or ignored. My heart’s not ready—not yet. And while this absolutely gorgeous girl has wandered into my life, I’m not going to act on it. It’s too soon.

I stride into my shop, gently placing her on the counter. Her feet are bleeding and she looks like she could use a drink of water. She’s covered in dust from the road but she looks adorable sitting there. I don’t know what it’s like to be in a scenario like this with a girl. I’m used to things being straightforward and laid out before me. This looks like something I could get easily lost in if I’m not careful.

We still haven’t said a word to each other, and I hate to break the silence but it can’t be avoided. “Rest here a minute. I’ll be right back.”

Her hand lingers on my upper arm, her thumb massaging by bicep. I exhale heavily, trying desperately to clear my head. Her touch is stirring things inside me I haven’t experienced in quite some time. Emotions I never thought I’d feel again. “Thank you,” she whispers, her eyes never leaving mine.

“No problem,” I try to say as casually as possible. She’s looking at me like I’m her knight in shining armor and I don’t want her to get the wrong idea. I can’t go down that road again. I just can’t. My soul still isn’t fully healed from the last time. I can’t trust myself in these kinds of situations. I need to back away as gracefully as I can.

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  1. Thanks Sarika! *HUGS*

    1. Anytime, Faith! Thank you for stopping by! ♥

  2. I really found the blurb of heartbeat to be very interesting and so is the blurb of this one. I should really check out the author's work soon

    1. Yes, KM, you should! I like the sound of this one too and Heartbeat was really goo. I hope you can read the books sometime. :)

  3. I know that you're a big fan of this author (I still haven't read any of her books) but I'm still not sure about it. Somehow all NA books annoy me lately. I better leave this for some better times. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Aw, I know how you're having problems with NA lately, but let's hope you stumble across a good one soon. Thanks for stopping by, Tanja! :)

  4. Hmm...this one doesn't do anything for me, but I like Faith's other contemporary. I know you're a huge fan of the author, so I hope you enjoy this one.

    1. I hope so too, Aman. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. Hey Girly! I want to read this book so bad! I love the book cover! I was part of the release party too! Miss talking with you girls!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    1. Ah, awesome! Aw, we shall catch up soon, Lindy. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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