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Review- The Marriage Merger by Jennifer Probst


Her sisters have found wedded bliss with their wealthy,
wonderful dream men, but not Julietta Conte. She’s stayed
on terra firma as top executive of the family’s corporation,
La Dolce Famiglia bakery. Work is her passion, and her
trendy Milan apartment her sanctuary . . . until Sawyer
Wells, a masculine masterpiece in a suit, lures her out of
hiding with an irresistible offer: an exclusive partnership
with his international chain of boutique hotels.

Julietta’s been burned before—and trusting her brother-in-
law’s friend, whose powerful gaze alone has her
rethinking the best use of a conference room, is the
riskiest proposition. But with a once-in-a-career chance
to take the bakery global, will she mix stone-cold business
with red-hot seduction?


The Marriage Merger is the fourth book in Jennifer Probst's Marriage To A Billionaire series. I have read and really liked all the previous books in this series so I was expecting the same with Julietta and Sawyer's story. They both seemed to have issues and pasts which no one really knew about so I was more than ready to dive into their book. The Marriage Merger turned out to be a good book.

Julietta Conte has always been focused on moving her family business forward. In a world full of males she has worked hard and made herself a valuable asset to the company but due to all this she has always been detached from her love life. Her sisters have all found wedded bliss and Julietta can't help but long for true love as well. I liked Julietta. Work was her passion and she was a strong and determined woman even though she had her insecurities.

Then we have Sawyer Wells. Julietta and Sawyer don't know each other very well but after Sawyer propositions her with a deal which could take La Dolce Famiglia to an international chain she can't help but accept it. Since the first moment Sawyer meets Julietta he doesn't know what to do with the intense attraction between them. Sawyer has a horrible past which makes him trust nothing which is good. He had a hell lot of stuff to work through.

Julietta and Sawyer had chemistry but I didn't find it explosive like Max and Carina. They just took some time to get used to. The Marriage Merger delves deeper with the elements of light BDSM and erotica. That's why I found it a bit different from the previous books. Jennifer Probst knows how to write a romance and Julietta and Sawyer's story had everything you expect in one.

There was Wolfe whom I found to be the most fascinating character in the book. I am pretty sure we'll get a book for him and I can't wait for it. We also get to meet all the characters from the previous books and that was just plain fun. Again though, the circumstances under which the marriage takes place was quite unreal. Still, I enjoyed The Marriage Merger and if you're fan of hot yet predictable romances you should give this series a try.

*Note: This book was provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.


  1. I remember your reviews for the previous books in this series and you seem to really enjoy it. I still believe that this series isn't for me but I'm glad you enjoy it. Great review Janhvi :)

    1. It's predictable but I enjoy the romance and the banter which lead to the happy ending :)

  2. Janhvi! Are you saying I NEED to read this series ASAP?! I think you are ;) I'm for sure adding it to my TBR!!

  3. I may have given it 4 stars out of my loyalty to Jennifer Probst. It's not as good as the previous ones but I still liked it enough :) Wolfe is the one to watch out for! Sawyer was just okay.

  4. I love Jennifer Probst, and this series is one of my favorites! Awesome Review! I have this from NetGalley as well! Awesome review! I'm a little disappointed that Julietta and Max's story wasn't as explosive as Max and Carina's. They've been my favorite out of the series so far Thanks for sharing :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    1. But Jennifer Probst is really good :) Hope you enjoy it too Lindy! :)

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