Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Event- The Homing Pigeons... by Sid Bahri

Hello, people! 
The Homing Pigeons... by author Sid Bahri is a book we have talked about many times before on our blog. It's one of those things that never gets old and we never get bored of it either. 

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If you haven't guessed it by now, let me tell you that I love The Homing Pigeons... It is undoubtedly my most favourite Indian novel so far. And Sid Bahri is easily my most favourite Indian author. 

It so happens that Janhvi and I were honoured and privileged to meet the author who flew down to our city, Pune, for the Pune International Literary Festival (PILF) which went on for three days and for a book event at Crossword Book Store.  

I, along with Janhvi of course, had the best time of my life- for four days in a row- with Sid. Trust me, meeting and interacting with an author you admire, look up to and are a huge fan of is special- an experience that will stay with you forever. 

Since the time around which the The Homing Pigeons... came out, I have interacted a lot with Sid via email and on Twitter and Facebook. I found him to be a very sweet, sportive and supportive person. Having actually met him made me realize that his virtual personality is just the same as his real one. 
The one thing I am now sure of is that Sid is not only a wonderful author, but also a wonderful human being and a person. 

I'd like to give you a glimpse into Sid's book reading sessions at the PILF and his event at Crossword. 

Janhvi and I were lucky enough to listen to Sid read from his book twice. It was simply lovely to listen to the author talk about himself and his journey into the literary world. The turnout was good and a lot of enthusiastic readers were eager to know Sid's thoughts on a number of topics ranging from commercial success, crowd wise popularity of his book, his brave and hard decision to make his passion writing his full time job, snippets from his future works and lots more. 

I am sharing some pictures from the events below. 

Sid reading from The Homing Pigeons.. at the PILF.
Sid reading from his book at Crossword, Pune.
Readers (that's us there on the extreme left) intently listening to Sid talk.
The Homing Pigeons... "Pune Team" as I'd like to call it.
Sid signing books for his biggest fan (that's my copy he's signing, by the way).
Janhvi and I really had a wonderful time with the author and the events were both amazing overall since we met tons of authors, fellow book lovers and avid readers. 

We sure hope Sid comes back to Pune soon and also visits your city someday so you get to experience first hand such a pleasure it is to meet him and how amazing a person he is. 

P.S: A lot of the photo credits go to Sid's friend and an absolutely lovely person who we were glad to have met, Ananya, and to the Crossword staff. 

P.P.S: This post is specially for Sid. You gave us some truly special memories and I'd like thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for that. Keep writing and keep rocking! 

Thank you for stopping by, and happy reading! 


  1. WOW It seems to me you had a great time there. It'a amazing when you get to meet one of your fave authors and yeah I know how much you girls love this book. Great pictures :))

  2. You are certainly "his biggest fan" (i Know of so far) . And yes he is an amazing personality.

  3. Not fair really :( Pune and Mumbai gets the Max Bookish event. We @ chennai aren't that lucky! Looks like you had a great time!


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