Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let's Talk!

Hello, guys. I hope you are all having a great weekend. 

Janhvi and I had decided on doing one of our Random posts for today, but honestly, as unbelievable as it may seem, I'm really out of ideas and I have a special post planned in the coming days anyways. 
So instead I thought, why not have a cool discussion post. (Well, actually that was Janhvi's idea so cheers to that brilliant girl.)

So, what's up for discussion? I'm not going to bore y'all with a lengthy essay of my opinions, thoughts and views because I'm not fond of doing that. I do have a few questions though. 

Because of college and constant exams, reading has had to take a backseat (which I'm not a huge fan of, but oh well...) so I want to discuss reading schedules. 
If you're up for it, answer in the comments below and help me get back on track. 

Since a long time now, Janhvi and I have a small plan of reading three books a week- two e-copies and one physical copy. It usually goes above three for Janhvi, but now we are- or at least I am- way behind schedule. The last two books I read took me nearly three weeks to finish and Janhvi experienced a reading slump in between as well. Whenever we meet, we make our reading lists and I tend to write some sappy motivational message on it for fun. We also try our best to include a buddy read in our reading plan nearly every fortnight and that works fabulously for us. 
Luckily, we have tons of reviews ready from before so our blogging schedule is seldom affected. *touch wood* Our one post per day plan has been successful since a year now. 

  Reading is a passion and it's something we do for our own pleasure. But as bloggers, I'm sure you all experience that battle between reading the books you want to read and those that you have to read- review copies that seem to keep piling and piling. 

So tell me now...

1) Do you have a weekly reading schedule or any reading schedule?
2) Do you plan in advance the book you'll be reading or do you go random? 
3) How many books (average) do you read in a month? 
4) How do you maintain a balance between books you want to read and the review copies that come to you? 

So yes, that's about all. I'm just curious to know your answers and I'm looking forward to finding some help in there somewhere. Answer away and happy reading! 

Thank you, guys! Oh, and before I forget, whilst you're here, do make sure you take part in our huge First Blogoversary Celebration Giveaway that ends tomorrow. Ciao, mes amis! 


  1. I generally accept books for review that I am interested in and *want* to read...but since most books are new releases, I don't get time to read books I may have bought earlier (mostly rare second hand classics)...and I am already behind on most of my reviews. At the same time I do not have a set schedule but I do know which books I am going to get for review and I try to finish reading them before their release date (although I am not always successful). I generally have a priority list in my mind which book I ought to read and review first. I finish 4 books on an average in a month. With the job that I have and the kind of books I review, I find it difficult to finish more books even though I am trying to finish more this month to get back on schedule. :-/

  2. I'm currently under the reading slump. It's a shame cause this is basically my last month off, my classes will start the next one and I won't have as much time. Simply there is too much stress and I can hardly concentrate on anything. But like you I always have posts ready so I don't have to worry.
    For you questions I used to read more than 20 books a month, which won't happen this one but I hope to get back on track. I do have a list of what I'm going to read next (aka how many arcs or books for review I have to read asap) but I usually just go with whatever I feel like reading.
    I hope that you'll ace you exams and that you'll go back to reading soon! :)

    1. PS. It's all about organizing things, at least for me. Sometimes it's also about telling no to some request (here I fail miserably) but we all learn and with time it gets better. :)

  3. I think the best way to avoid dragging books is to read what you're excited for in the moment. That definitely helps in reading the book faster. Obviously, when there are review obligations it can't always go your way but taking equal pleasure and review books works the best for me. Also, I keep mixing the genres I read as you know :) Plus I LOVE lists so, yeah, we'll keep making them. If I cross 15 reads in a month I am super happy! Great post Sarika!


  4. Oh, it's tough balancing blogging and school! I know my blogging and reading has definitely suffered for it, sadly. I've not been able to read nearly as much as I used to now that school has started and whenever I do find myself with some free time, I am often too stressed to focus! Blah, hopefully once things get settled, we will get over this reading slump of ours.

    1) Do you have a weekly reading schedule or any reading schedule?
    Not really. I just try to fit it in when I can! Prior to returning to school I did though.

    2) Do you plan in advance the book you'll be reading or do you go random?
    I plan because I need to make sure my review books get the priority and that my review gets posted in and around the release date. I wish I could be a bit more random and fun with it though...

    3) How many books (average) do you read in a month?
    Since starting school? Eek, maybe four only? But that's physical books. I get through a lot of audiobooks because I listen to them while I get ready for school and bed, and in transit. You could maybe try out an audiobook instead if you find you don't have time or are in a slump with your usual books. Shake it up a bit!

    4) How do you maintain a balance between books you want to read and the review copies that come to you?
    This is TOUGH and I haven't been able to manage it yet! My plan is always to read one review copy, then one just for me, and back and forth like that. But I always get ahead of myself and before you know it, I've requested way too many review books!! So basically, I suck at maintaining a balance. My only advice is try not to do what I do! But it's just too tempting for me!

  5. I guess my reply is gonna be a bit useless because it won't be helpful :)
    1) I never had a reading schedule, When I didn't have my review blog, I used to read a lot... every free second I get now ever since I started, Well other things also started and time crunch started as well. So I read the books I have on my TBR, the one's which Interest the most. No schedule.

    2)I do it random unless it the book I have been waiting a whole darn year to get out so in that case I get hold of that book on 1st week of it's release and devour it.

    3)Gosh I have been very inconsistent lately, from 159 books a yr from last yr I am down to 2-4 books a month.

    4)Now this is something I so wanted to ask, I am not able to maintain the balance because I love fantasy and I get Fiction review copies, if it's enlightening then it's good but pure desi romance books are not for me. It's really hard to keep the balance and sometimes it's like I am reading just for the sake of it but not to enjoy.

    PS-- I m really lagging behind but planning to get on track in 10 days. :)

    PPS-- Thank K and S for this interactive session, it helps.

    XoXO to all the pretty book bloggers :)
    Ankita Singhal

  6. Thank you so much Shaili, Tanja, Janhvi, Aman, Aylee and Ankita for stopping by and sharing your reading schedules. It's been really helpful. I heart you ladies! ♥



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