Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review- Bollywood Fiance For a Day by Ruchi Vasudeva


The man of her Bollywood dreams 

Winning the chance to meet the ultimate Bollywood heart-throb, Zaheer Saxena, is just what Vishakha needs to take her mind off her recent humiliation—being jilted the week before her wedding! And when gorgeous Zaheer offers to be her fake fiancé, the chance to save face with her family is just too tempting… 

It’s a deal that benefits them both—Zaheer is warding off any unwanted female attention until his next film is finished—but can Vishakha trust herself not to hope that her dream fiancé for a day will be her forever man?


Bollywood Fiance For A Day seemed to look like a cute read and that is exactly how it turned out to be. In the typical Mills and Boon book charm it had everything a romance lover wishes to see in a book. I would consider this book as a few hours well spent.

Vishakha is a doctor. She spends hours working very hard and she has sacrificed a lot to get where she is. When she wins a date with the Bollywood playboy and heartthrob Zaheer she is more than happy to take a break from her life. Her fiance left her for her own sister a week before the wedding. I found Visha really sweet. She was a nice person.

Zaheer is warding off unwanted attention from Mia, his current director's wife. When he meets Vishakha they obviously start off on the wrong foot but he can't help but be fascinated by her. But Zaheer has no intentions of committing to anyone after seeing his parents' disastrous marriage. Zahher was a little hard to like in the beginning but soon he came into his own.

The romance between Visha and Zaheer was started off on a really unexpected note.What starts as getting each other out of problems soon becomes something they both depend on. Things which were never said before are confessed to each other. It was really sweet and mushy. Both Zaheer and Visha have their own issues too.

Bollywood Fiance for a Day is a short and sweet romantic read. It can easily be read over a span of a few hours. But, be warned, it has all the possible cliches there are to find in a typical romance novel. Yet, I really enjoyed it.

*Note: This book was provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.


  1. I do love cliched, cheesy reads from time to time and even though I haven't read much desi reads, this one sounds too cute to pass up. Thanks for sharing, Janhvi!

  2. Surprising I have never heard of this one :D It sounds like a too cheesy thing for me. I'm not like Aman and I don't like cliche reads. I'm glad you enjoyed this one. Great review Janhvi :)

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