Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along: Week 2

So this week's topic is sharing a Pear or Citrus Recipe

I am clueless about all things cooking so I asked for Sarika's help on this one. There were several recipes she suggested but there was chocolate in this one so I couldn't help myself. We've got a really cool and hopefully easy recipe of Cream Cheese Chocolate Orange Drops. Found this recipe here.

Cream Cheese Chocolate Orange Drops



1/2 cup sweet butter, softened
3-ounce package cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon grated orange rind
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup all-purpose flour
l/2 teaspoon salt
6-ounce package semisweet chocolate pieces

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Make sure that the cookie sheets are well greased.

Cream together butter, cream cheese, sugar, orange rind, and vanilla extract. Mix flour and salt; beat into butter mixture. Next, stir in the pieces of chocolate.

Drop by rounded teaspoons 1 1/2 inches apart onto prepared sheets.

Bake10 to 15 minutes, until lightly browned.

The popular quote which resulted in this topic:

" How's your orange juice Ann? Does it have a touch of lime? "

The glass paused at my lips as I processed his innuendo, and I took a second to make sure my embarrassment stayed hidden inside. I let the drink swish over my tongue a moment before swallowing and answering.

" Actually it's a little sour, " I said, and he laughed.

" That's a shame." He picked up a green pear from his plate and bit into it, licking juice that dripped down his thumb. My cheeks warmed as I set down my glass.

" Okay, now you're just being crude," I said.

" I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm just enjoying my breakfast." He took another bite and I shook my head.

                         My thoughts so far:

And so the road trip has begun. We're really getting to know Anna and Kaidan in this part so I'm liking it. They are also getting to know each other better. I am very curious to see how the Nephilim thing works. That's a very interesting part and something I haven't read before. Anna has not completely grown on me but I don't dislike her or anything. I do not appreciate Kaidan giving Anna mixed signals. But I guess he can't help himself. Hopefully more things should happen soon.



  1. Where chocolate is involved, I can't help myself either! Those cookies look delicious :)

  2. Oh my goodness. Those cookies look AMAZING!

  3. Oh MY!!! That recipe looks to die for!!!


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