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Review- Evolution by Kelly Carrero

Goodreads Summary:

Seventeen year old Jade Sommers life tuned upside down the moment she saw the inch long cut across her face, heal right before her eyes.

Jade thought she was going insane, but her boyfriend Aiden Scott knew better. He knew what she was. And like him, she was born this way.

Now if finding out that people like her shouldn’t exist was bad enough, Jades best friend is kidnapped by the psycho who’s terrorised her dreams. With the help of Aiden, she has to figure out how to saver her, before it’s too late.

But what Jade doesn’t know, is not everything is what it seems. She is merely a puppet in a sadistic game to find out what she is truly capable of – and the game has only just begun.


I downloaded Evolution when it was up for free on Amazon and began reading it when I was in the mood for something different. And that is what Evolution turned out to be- something different. It started off as a regular contemporary novel and then took a whole new turn when the protagonist Jade discovers that she isn't essentially "normal". 
Jade is straining her brain trying to figure out how her injuries from an accident and those from a minor breakdown in one of her classes were healed almost instantly, like nothing ever happened. That's when her boyfriend Aiden decides to let her in on the fact that Jade, himself and his family aren't normal. They are immortals having certain superpowers and possessing certain abilities. 
Everything comes crashing down on Jade when her best friend Chelsea is suddenly kidnapped and in spite of having a vision about the same, Jade is incapable of doing anything about it. Guilt ridden and confused as to who she really is, Jade is in a complete mess. 
Then begins the search for Chelsea and the investigation into the kidnapping. 
As a protagonist, Jade was okay. I found her to be a little whiny at times, but she was passable, not 'oh, shut the hell up' whiny. Her voice was simple and understandable. Jade's confusion and curiosity were obvious. With so much in her way, she had a lot to deal with and Aiden was always by her side. Aiden was a great boyfriend and a loving young gentleman. The bond between the two was absolutely strong, with both their parents having complete trust in them as individuals and as a couple. Their mind to mind conversations were sporadic yet cool. 
The side characters in the novel played a vital role, even though Jade wasn't keen on sharing her deep and dark secrets with one an all, the others were definitely concerned about her. 
Author Kelly Carrero has written a novel with an interesting and different concept that is quite provocative and makes for a good read that has a little bit of everything- action, mystery, romance and thrill. 
The length of the book was just right- not too long, not too short. However, I would have loved to know more about how Aiden and his family are the way they are. 
The book falls under the Paranormal and Fantasy genre though it seemed more Science Fiction to me. The kidnapping which obviously involved detectives and the police added mystery to the novel taking it more towards crime. 
Keeping that aside, however, there really needs to be a more digging into details, which was clearly absent in Evolution. But since there is a sequel, Tormented, book #2 in the Evolution series, hopefully all the doubts will be cleared.  
Overall, a very interesting and simple read, Evolution manages to keep the reader mesmerised and has a very riveting plot. 



  1. I haven't heard of this one but it sounds really unusual and I'm glad it is. Too bad it's lacking some details but it's a trend nowadays that authors leave somethings undiscovered so you go even crazier while waiting for the sequel ;) Amazing review as always girl :)

    1. Hahaha! Maybe that's true. And yes, this was a decent read. Thanks, Tanja! :)

  2. Yes, it was a good enough read but more sci-fi than PR. Thanks, Aman! :)

  3. This does sound different!! And SUPERPOWERS, yay!! Very neat. It's too bad to hear that the concept could have used more details in the execution though. Now I'll be curious what you think of the sequel! Really great review, Sarika!!

    1. Yes, nonetheless, it was a good read and I hope you can read it sometime. Thank you, Aylee! :)


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