Sunday, August 18, 2013

Review- Here Sat a Key Maker by Makarand Lohire


Can a poor boy dream of a life with his love? Does the lure of money drive one to betray ones own? Here Sat a Key Maker... is the story of Javed, Shashank, Preity, their simple lives complicated by poverty, love and ambition. Set in the backdrop of sprawling metropolis of Mumbai, will fate be kind enough to fulfill their wishes?


Here Sat a Key Maker by Makarand Lohire seemed like an interesting read. It is the story of a boy who is poor and how he loses his principles, thinking that if he gains money he can gain the love of his life. It is shown how simple actions by someone can turn into something very complicated in this world where everyone just looks out for himself.

Javed is the poor boy. He is a key maker who works to make his ends meet. Every day he watches a beautiful girl pass by who is the highlight in his dull life. Soon, Javed gets tangled up with a group of boys who are not hesitant to use unfair means to gain what they want. I liked Javed and found him to be a sincere guy. The circumstances in which he got involved were justified.

Shashank is the son of a rich doctor who's story goes parallel with Javed's. Their lives are connected in a way in which they don't know. Shashank is pining after Preity who is his batch mate. I liked Shashank but I hated Preity. She was a typical annoying girl who liked to string guys along. Sadly, Shashank was too blinded by his love to see that first but he came to his senses by the end of it.

Here Sat a Key Maker is set in Mumbai and I really enjoyed reading all the facets of the city which were shown. People from all walks of society reside here and you never know how one may be connected to another. The only thing I found a bit unreal was that the relation which we find between Javed and Shashank. It was not quite believable.

All in all Here Sat a Key Maker was an okay and entertaining read with twists and turns which I so did not see coming. Its a comparatively short read. Fans of Indian fiction can spend a few hours reading this.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. We thank the author.


  1. This reminds me of Great Expectations. I really like the idea of the story even though it's nothing new. Glad you enjoyed it overall :)

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