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Review- Isn't It Bromanctic? by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Goodreads Summary:

Having fallen in love in The Bro-Magnet, ultimate man's man Johnny Smith and D.A. Helen Troy marry at the outset of ISN'T IT BROMANTIC? Never has a sports-loving couple been so well suited. Now everything should be wedded bliss, right? Not exactly. On a honeymoon cruise, both contract a virus but Helen recovers more quickly. Still confined to their stateroom, Johnny is fine with her going off on her own, until Helen has a little too much fun playing beach volleyball with an all-male group of German tourists. And things only grow worse as they return home to CT and try to set up life as a married couple. Can Johnny and Helen's marriage be saved?


*NOTE: We (The Readdicts) received a copy of Isn't It Bromantic? from author Lauren Baratz-Logsted in exchange for an honest review. We thank Lauren for the book! 

I absolutely like and thoroughly enjoyed reading Lauren Baratz-Logsted's The Bro-Magnet (my review of which can be read here) and I was delighted when the author contacted us to review her book, Isn't It Bromantic?
Without even looking much into the book, I said yes because I know for a fact that Lauren's books come with the guarantee of the reader having a good laugh and a good time while reading. 
I thought Isn't It Bromantic? would be the story of one of the friends of Johnny, the protagonist in The Bro-Magnet although most of them were already married. I don't read summaries (yes, that's how it works for me) so I was in for a surprise with this one. 
I must admit that on the one hand, I was fairly surprised that Isn't It Bromantic? is the continued story of Johnny and Helen since they already got a happy ending in the first book. On the other hand, once I began reading, I realised how much I'd missed this cute couple. I even missed the whole of Johnny's gang and was happy to meet them again. Hell, I even missed his cat (although I'm not a cat person)! 
Isn't It Bromantic? starts off with Johnny and Helen's wonderful marriage ceremony followed by their cruise honeymoon and the two of them trying to fall into the marriage routine. They still find it amusing and hard to believe that they're married. 
Johnny is such a hilarious man, I love his sense of humour. Like I already said, you're bound to have a rocking time listening to the voice in his head. Sometimes, he does seem way too nice and way too concerned for a guy, but all his friends love that about him. He is cluelessly super sweet. He really is a caring, genuine and sweet guy. All that matters to him is his wife's happiness and he makes sure she gets it. 

Helen seemed a little off to me in this one but we get to know all about her reasons later on in the book. She is a very nice and smart girl with her own insecurities and problems and she's perfect for Johnny. They're both perfect for each other. 
It was such a pleasure to again encounter the hilarious bunch of people from The Bro-Magnet
Johnny's dad Big John and his Aunt Alfresca get married and are trying to work on that. They were both their usual jovial , wonderful and weird self respectively. Johnny's gang of friends Billy and his wife Alice and Drew were super interesting as usual and in their own ways, they all help Johnny with adjusting to the married life. 
Sam, Johnny's best friend, ex neighbour and business partner was her usual feisty self. I love her as a character. She keeps Johnny in line and I sincerely hope she gets a happily ever after for herself. 
An addition of characters brought more enthusiasm in Isn't It Bromantic? 

Johnny meets a little girl Willow on the cruise and the two remain friends. Willow was a complete darling and rather highly intellectually developed for her age, but lots of fun nonetheless. Johnny's barber Stavros, who takes shelter in the newly wed couple's home was entertaining and I admired him as a character. He had a great personality. Although I must admit that I missed meeting Helen's large, boisterous and cuddly family.  
Author Lauren Baratz-Logsted's writing keeps the reader awake, entertained and wanting more. Isn't It Bromantic? was an hilarious riot of the ups and downs of marriage. I adored how Johnny rounds up his married life with Helen. 

"We are flawed human beings, and we will spend the rest of our lives being flawed together." 

It had me go all 'aw, Johnny!'. Just like the first book, I absolutely liked and thoroughly enjoyed reading Isn't It Bromantic? as well. It was  an adorable read. The Nice Guy series is truly a nice series of a really nice guy. 


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